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About Something Weird Video

For the Very Best in Exploitation Cinema from the 1930s to 70s! Something Weird Video was founded by the late great Mike Vraney (1957-2014), a life-long movie fan and pop cultural pioneer. In the early 1990s, Mike had the idea to find and release as many lost low budget oddball films as he could, focusing on Sexploitation Cinema, Seventies Sleaze, Roadshow Rarities, Nudie Cuties, and Burlesque; as well a Horror and Drive-In classics. He began his legendary quest and would go on to find tens of thousands of original and rare 16mm and 35mm film elements which were then transferred and released on home video. Over the years, Mike was able to get the films of such celebrated exploiteers as David F. Friedman, Harry Novak, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Doris Wishman, Joe Sarno, Michael and Roberta Findlay, Barry Mahon and countless others. He also became the king of short subject compilations, putting together hundreds of hours of nudie arcade loops, campy educational flicks, movie trailers and intermission, and assorted vintage Americana.

Something Weird has made a point to stay true to the nostalgic and sleazy feeling of a grind house theatre on Main Street USA. Our dvd packaging reflects the times they movies were made and we use original ad and poster art whenever possible. Amped up with lurid and garish colors to give our products that special Something Weird look. Eye candy inside and out!

Every racy and taboo subject known to man can be found in our video catalog. Or just plain wacky celluloid wonders. Consider it one-stop shopping for all your delightfully depraved entertainment. There's Something Weird for Everyone!


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