Something Weird is Now on Full Moon Streaming!

       Full Moon is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the roster: an untamed collection of classic cult, horror and exploitation movies culled from the legendary SOMETHING WEIRD library!

   Full Moon is no stranger to oddball film culture either and the licensing of key titles from the staggering SOMETHING WEIRD library to the channel is a match made in sticky celluloid heaven.

         "I've made more than my share of crazy movies," says iconic film producer and Full Moon Features president Charles Band, "but there's nothing quite like the films that SW founder, Mike Vraney, lovingly assembled over the years with SOMETHING WEIRD. The level of care and passion that went into his reverent presentations of stuff that would otherwise be relegated to obscurity is to be celebrated. By partnering with SOMETHING WEIRD, we're honoring Mike by bringing our subscribers a window into his weird world and it's something I'm very excited about."

         Lisa Petrucci, Vraney's wife and surviving SOMETHING WEIRD owner and operator, had this to say about the partnership, "The folks at SOMETHING WEIRD are thrilled to be entering this new venture. The idea of exposing our unique brand of exploitation and horror to their film fans is an exciting prospect. Montag the Magnificent (THE WIZARD OF GORE) and Fuad Ramses (BLOOD FEAST) will feel right at home with the other gorehounds in the Full Moon family. I'd like to think that Mike would highly approve of this collaboration!"

        Over the next several months, will be slowly rolling out dozens of amazing SOMETHING WEIRD classics. Every week a new title will appear!

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