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That's Sexploitation

         Hey Folks! We're excited to announce the we completed our second documentary film! Welcome to THAT’S SEXPLOITATION!, a visual history of over 40 years of sex in the cinema (1930-1970)! It will feature rare and lost clips from vintage “adults only” feature films, shocking short subjects, quaint coin drop arcade loops, naughty stags and smokers, and graphic sex educationals from days gone by! Archival footage shows the many genres that developed over the years; including the early sex hygiene and drug scare films, glamour, panties and pasties, pretty pin-ups, goona-goona exotica, nudist camp classics, striptease and burlesque, art house sinema, nudie cuties, roughies, sexy psychedelia and tying things up with the pre-hardcore white coaters.
         Your guides for this seldom seen side of American film history are The Mighty Monarch of Exploitation Film DAVID F. FRIEDMAN and cult movie director FRANK HENENLOTTER. They’ll accompany you on a fun and informative wild ride through the wonderful world of sexploitation cinema! The film was produced by SWV head honcho Mike Vraney and our partner in crime Jimmy Maslon. Directed by the illustrious Frank Henenlotter. THAT'S SEXPLOITATION will be coming soon film festivals and theatres in the year to come.