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She’s One Crazy Kitty!

     Because she’s in the middle of a mental break-down, crackpot Virginia can’t join her brother on safari and decides to go big game hunting in the Big Apple instead. Inviting three strangers to her trophy - an actor, a junkie, and a wrestler (played by boxing legend Jake La motta!)- she offers them $100,000 each if they "can stay alive in Manhattan for 24 hours." The catch? She’s going to hunt them down like animals. Since each of them has previously gotten away with murder, Virginia takes a cue from The Most Dangerous Game and announces she’s willing to pay for the privilege of being the public executioner: "It’ll be a game! I’m going to hunt you down. Then I shall kill you.," Which is exactly what she does. But why, you ask, is wacky, crackling, wide-eyed Virginia such a "psycho cat"? Simple. When she was a little girl, her brother threw her pet doggie off a roof...
     With twisted violence, macabre humor, and lots of gratuitous skin (it was apparently shot as a straight horror film with the nude scenes added a year or two later), CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT is a delirious, out-of-its-mind instant cult classick , and the scene where Virginia dresses like a toreador to come after "Raging Bull" La Motta is exploitation at its best! (And wouldn’t you have loved seeing Robert De Niro recreate that magic moment?)

Special Features

  • Digitally Remastered
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Bad Girl Sexploitation Trailers for: Bad Girls Don’t Cry. Come Play With Me, Fuego, In Hot Blood, Olga’s House of Shame, Ride the Wild Pink Horse, Spoiled Rotten, Stefania, and Submission !
  • Archival Short Subject: Mental illness eats away Small Town U.S.A. and turns Don Murray ( Bus Stop ) into a woman-hating semi-psycho in 1950’s grim 28-minute Preface to a Life
  • Extra Added Attraction: A go-go girl goes nuts after she’s sent to the loony bin for trying to kill her cheating hubby and stripping to shock a shrink in Dale Berry’s deranged 68-minute 1965 skin-and-sleaze fest, Hot Blooded Woman
  • Gallery of Sexploitation Art
  • Sexploitation Radio-Spot Rarities
WARNING : This program contains nudity, vilence and straitjackets.

Trailer views: 2020
SKU: 2238
Format: DVD
Year: 1965
Color: B&W
Starring: Eileen Lord
Co-starring: Ed Brandt
Other cast: Frank Grace, Dick Lord, Jake La Motta
Directed by: Herb Stanley


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