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It’s an Atomic Bomb Bonanza With This Duck & Cover Double Feature!

Once upon a time, the Big Bad Bomb was #1 on everyone’s Paranoid Hit Parade. Atom-bomb movies were made to scare us; atom-bomb short subjects were meant to calm us down. Now you can relive some of that Mushroom-Cloud Mania with this Nuclear Collection of Atomic-Age Kulture. Just hope you don’t end up glowing in the dark...

At a church in the country, eternally optimistic John marries Maria, his ATOMIC WAR BRIDE, as planes buzz overhead and bombs start dropping. Though John is "mobilized" by the military seconds after the ceremony and almost executed for being a pacifist, he and Maria are reunited just in time for the Big Bang in this strange sci-fi satire from the Yugoslavia of 1960.

Plus: When the police radio blares, "Air Raid! Condition Red! THIS IS NOT A TEST," Deputy Sheriff Dan Colter sets up a roadblock on a lonely section of mountain road in the middle of the night as he and a microcosm of American society — including the obligatory looters and a homicidal hitchhiker — wait for the bomb by engaging in various end-of-the-world activities such as adultery, suicide, and attacking chickens. A grim, tense, doomsday obscurity that has the flavor of one of those hour-long episodes of "Twilight Zone," THIS IS NOT A TEST perfectly sums up the fears of a world waiting to go boom.

OVER 1 HOUR OF Special Features!

  • Digitally Remastered!
  • Two Fallout Shelter TV Spots from the 1960s!
  • Atomic Short Subject #1:
    Though a nuclear attack may be a tad inconvenient, You Can Beat The A-Bomb (1950). Just close the windows, hide under some furniture and stay indoors for about an hour. If you get any of that "lingering radioactivity" on you, no problem — just scrub yourself three times!
  • Atomic Short subject #2:
    Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951) offers additional tips in dealing with nuclear annihilation such as "Have a good flashlight on hand; electric lights may go out"!
  • Atomic Short Subject #3:
    Bert the Cartoon Turtle shows kids how to avoid an atomic blast in the 1951 classic Duck And Cover !
  • Atomic Short Subject #4:
    Nuclear radiation is somehow compared to a pretty gal getting a suntan in the Technicolor Medical Aspects Of Nuclear Radiation (1950)!
  • Cold War Paranoia Short Subject #5: One World Or None !
  • Gratuitous Glamour-Girl Peepshow Short Subject #6:
    Atomic Blonde In Action !

    Total Running Time of Over 3 1/2 Atom-Blasting Hours!

And remember, the first rule of surviving a nuclear blast is "to be someplace else when it happens." Make a note of that.

SKU: 2257
Format: DVD
Year: 1960 - 1961
Color: B&W
Starring: Anton Vrdoljak - Seamon Glass
Co-starring: Ewa Krzyzewska - Thayer Roberts
Other cast: Ita Rina, Janez Vrhovec - Aubrey Martin, Mary Moralas
Directed by: Veljko Bulajic - Frederic Gadette


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