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Back When the World was One Big Freakout!

The whole planet seems to be on one outrageous trip in this Psychoactive Time Capsule of homicide, hypodermics and hippies-gone-bad from drive-in director William Grefe.

Three scary specimens of THE HOOKED GENERATION ó Daisey, Acid and Dum Dum ó want to be big-time drug dealers but have the collective I.Q. of a pack of rolling papers. That doesnít stop them, however, from scoring a boatload of narcotics by killing Cuban smugglers, massacring members of the Coast Guard, and making hostages out of two do-gooders who stumble onto the scene. But when the gang learns that the drugs are too hot to unload, they go scurrying into the Everglades as the FBI closes in.... Sick fun from the man who made Sting of Death, which proves once and for all that swamps and syringes just donít mix.

Plus: When Father John accidentally drinks a soft drink spiked with LSD and quickly trips his brains out, he becomes THE PSYCHEDELIC PRIEST. Setting off across America on a journey of self-discovery, he falls in love amidst the world of hippies and heroin until finally hitting rock bottom on skid row... Originally titled Electric Shades of Grey, THE PSYCHEDELIC PRIEST is a unique acid-fueled nostalgia thatís almost worth missing Sunday church for. Say amen, somebody!


  • Digitally Remastered!
  • Audio Commentary on both by Director William Grefe!
  • Over 23 minutes of rare Behind-The-Scenes Footage showing the making of THE HOOKED GENERATION from the personal collection of director William Grefe!
  • Trailers for í60s-Style Psychedelia: Acid Dreams, Hallucination Generation, The Hard Road, Have You Ever Been on a Trip?, The Hippie Revolt and Musical Mutiny!
  • Gallery of Drive-ln Exploitation Art with Radio-Spot Rarities!
  • Total Running Time: Over 3 1/2 Hours of Hippies Gone Amuck!

SKU: 2279
Format: DVD
Year: 1968 - 1971
Color: Color
Starring: Jeremy Slate - John Darrell
Co-starring: Steve Alaimo - Carolyn Hall
Other cast: John Davis Chandler, Willie Pastrano, Cece Stone - Ken Keckler
Directed by: William Grefe' - Stewart Merrill


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