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The Dead Man Walks, the Scientists Sink, and the Cat Woman Meows!

     Wishing to become young again, a crazy old lady hires a mad doctor to transplant her aged brain into the body of a sexy young model. But the doc’s experiments with atomic power, animal brains and the bodies of the dead unleash such monstrosities as a female zombie, a furry-faced dog-man and a woman with THE ATOMIC BRAIN of a cat who eats mice and sits meowing atop the roof of the old lady’s house!...
     And:   Suffering from catalepsy, delicate Mr. Montel is buried alive by his two-timing "virgin wife" Sofia (who wants Montel's money) and dastardly Dr. Anderson (who wants Sofia). But moments after his funeral, Montel claws himself out of the grave and swears vengeance on his wife and... well, becoming a sex maniac. Yup, though he creepy little guy was a dud-in-bed before, he's not only turned on by every women he sees, but soon learns that there’s nothing quite like LOVE AFTER DEATH...
     Plus:   John Carradine invents a newfangled diving bell and sends Robert Clarke (The Hideous Sun Demon ) and Phyllis Coates (TV’s Lois Lane!) down to THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD where they’re menaced by a volcano ready to pop its top and a sex-crazed hermit about to do the same...

It's a truly twisted Triple Bill from the Bowels of B-Movie Hell!

Special Features:

  • Digitally Remastered!
  • Original Theatrical Trailers for THE ATOMIC BRAIN (as Monstrosity ) and THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD!
  • Alternate Opening Title Sequence from THE ATOMIC BRAIN's TV version!
  • Bonus Shriek-O-Matic Horror Trailers for: Back from the Dead, Curse of the Living Corpse, Frozen Alive, The Hands of Orlac, Monster-a-Go-Go and Terrified!
  • • Ghastly Gallery of Ghoulish Comic Cover Art with Music by the Dead Elvi!
  • Total Running Time: Over 3 1/2 Hours of Scream, Sex, and Schlock!

WARNING: This program contains nudity, sexual situations, and actors you'll want to swat with a stick!

SKU: 2310
Format: DVD
Year: 1963 1968 1960
Color: B&W
Starring: Marjorie Eaton - Guillermo De Cordova - John Carradine
Co-starring: Frank Gerstle - Dean Dillman Jr. - Robert Clarke
Other cast: Frank Fowler, Erika Peters, Xerxes the Cat - Roberto Maurano, Carmin O'Neal - Phyllis Coates
Directed by: Joseph P. Mascelli - Glauco Del Mar - Jerry Warren


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