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     Snatching sexy young women off the streets of San Francisco and turning them into Love Slaves was even a no-no way back in the very politically-incorrect Seventies. Which is why Agent Steve Click (JOHN LESLIE) "Special Investigator for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs," is on the case — and hot on the trail of the arch criminal responsible for this rude rash of kidnappings: the evil Dr. Paul Sevrin (ENJIL van BERGDORFE in the role of a lifetime), a highline drug trafficker and expert hypnotist!
     In the basement of his "villa" out on the coastal highway — where a bevy of his brainwashed beauties are always on display, kneeling naked, bound, and obedient on white shag rugs awaiting his command — Sevrin, with the help of a few well-hung henchmen, is actually training these women to be assassins in the drug trade by first making them Love Slaves who —
      Oh, wait. I failed to mention this is a porno flick. But then the above-mentioned "well-hung henchmen" should have tipped you off. Of course, telling you that Agent Click’s baby sister is literally fucked to death by the bad guys would have been a dead giveaway too, right? Well, that’s what happens and, yes, this is pornography, but it's Good Old Pornography, from porno’s Golden Age, the mid-Seventies, when pornography was shot on film and silicone not shot into boobs, when woodies were peckers and beavers unkempt, and you might even find a storyline surfacing between the sex scenes — imagine that!
     Yup, here, early in their schlong-studded careers, are SHARON THORPE, VICKI LYONS (billed here as "Alexandra Lyon"), and DESIREE WEST (aka "Pat Lee"), among others, lighting up the screen with their service-marked shenanorgasms — including catfights, masturbation, lesbian lust, fellation, coition, and rarely-seen-on-screen effigination (you know: sex with a male mannequin sporting a strap-on dildo). But The Deviate’s favorite scene is the climactic one in which Agent Glick and Dr. Sevrin grapple to death on the bow of a cabin cruiser making forty knots on the open sea while, no more than ten feet away, the doc’s goon at the helm is getting head from some hot go-go moll and utterly oblivious to the gun fire going off right behind his back until all at once he comes and is simultaneously killed by a stray bullet!
     Director BOB CHINN makes one of his trademark cameo appearances as a good doctor who treats Click’s sister for brainwashing. And please note: as a public service, this print comes with Swedish subtitles, just in case you need to give a post-hypnotic suggestion to some Scandinavian Love Slave of your own. Just say, "Du vil hove sex med ham," and watch what happens.
Don the Deviate, America Moralia

Trailer views: 1698
SKU: 7805
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: John Leslie
Co-starring: Sharon Thorpe
Other cast: Vicki Lyons, Desiree West, Turk Lyon
Directed by: Bob Chinn ("Robert Husong")

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