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American Highways: Way of Life - Way of Death (color) As grim-as-you-like 1970s driver education nightmare film. Still with us? You see, this was exactly the type of film that scared the bejesus out of teenagers across the country, yet did almost nothing to curb the number of car related deaths in America. So enjoy it for the horror film it is. Scary says: "Just like I like íem!"

Advanced City Driving Presented in WIDESCREEN format for the very first time. A Driverís Ed movie that was shot in WIDESCREEN deserves a heroís welcome any day of the week. So bow down to the greatness of this WIDESCREEN driving educational bonanza. Scary says "Heavy metal thunder!"

The Final Factor (color) Mysterious auteur Gene Starbecker shows up with this bloodless yet totally over the top Driver's Ed meat-and-potatoes scare film. He loops the score of Sid Davisí seminal Keep Off the Grass for maximum effect and rips off countless HSF hallmarks. Starbecker went on to make a series of gory school bus films. He is a genius. Scary says - "Will the real Gene Starbecker please stand up?"

Highway Driving (b&w) Epic 1950ís cross country car odyssey that suggests driving on the highway is a bigger adventure then you might believe. An Easy Rider for the Perry Mason set. What more could you want? Scary says.- "old school mentalistism!"

Drive Defensively (b&w) More screeching tires, smashed metal frames and deathly screams. By no means a Happy Driver Film. Scary says: "In the time it takes to look at this film 60 people will die on the highway!"

The Third Killer (color) Everybody knows HSF made some weird ass movies, but this one really takes the cake. An older looking creep appears in several vignettes, always providing bad advice to people that go on to die in traffic fatalities. Third Killer will test the limits of any die hard Driverís Ed fan. You ainít seen nothing yet! Scary says: [while stroking beard] "Interesting approach to non-gory Highway Safety filmmaking!"
-Scary Ed

SKU: 3619
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1950s - 1970s
Color: Color and B&W


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