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     Historians will someday look back at the 20th century and date the unraveling of our current civilization from one simple but overwhelming hideous act: director MICHAEL FINDLAY shot a sequel to The Touch Of Her Flesh. But Wait! What made the Earth spin ever so slightly off its axis and begin the global warning of our planet as punishment was that Curse is only the second installment of the screen's most perverted trilogy (and was quickly followed by The Kiss of Her Flesh the same year).
     Yeas, Richard Jennings (Findlay acting as "Robert West") is back, one year after the events in Touch, seeking revenge on a sleazeball actor named Steve Blakeney, the man he caught making love to his wife, and "systematically killing everyone connected with him." This time, Jennings is disguised as "Joe Davison," a theatrical producer of weird little sex shows - which gives the film the perfect excuse to dwell on raunchy strippers, strange lesbian stage lust, and a woman whipping another then kissing her bloody boo-boos. He also dispatches almost everyone in the cast via such "weapons" as poisoned cat's paws, a lethal dildo, and killer g-strings.
     But Jennings saves his most exquisite torture for Steve. Knowing that Steve believes the woman he loves to be a virgin, Jennings has a stag film delivered to Steve showing his bride-to-be getting it on with a squash, then having an operation on her vagina, "so your lover will think that you're a virgin!" Steve promptly goes berserk and he, Jennings, and a giant machete fight it out in the back of a truck: "I've been waiting to chop the ugly penis from your body..."
     Oh, the horror, the horror...Photographed, co-produced and co-written by ROBERTA FINDLAY ("Anna Riva"), this is one sick flick. Significantly, Curse's credits are scribbled graffiti-like across a men's room stall while the mood is set not by opening theme music, but the sound of some guy pissing. (There's also an odd industry in-joke. Amongst the graffiti in the bathroom is a question many of us have also asked: "Whatever Happened to Gigi Darlene?") And a slightly bigger budget than he had for Touch allowed Findlay to actually shoot some sync sound, all the better to hear such dialogue as:"Oh, you have educated toes!" and "Don't you realize that I'm doing the entire city a service by ridding it of this cancerous scum!" Nevertheless, Curse is often alarmingly incoherent - one is never sure exactly what the hell is happening or why - which only seems to amplify the madness of Jennings, Findlay and the entire damn universe.
     For years, the only way to see Curse was with murky dupes with chunks of footage missing - including the entire first reel! - but Now Something Weird has lovingly restored The Curse Of Her Flesh from the original 35mm perversion-packed negative, and seeing it in such crystal-clear condition just makes it all seem that much more obscene. Obviously, this is a must. -- Frank Henenlotter

Trailer views: 3089
SKU: 4173
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: B&W
Starring: Eve Bork
Co-starring: Robert Weste
Other cast: Dick Feeles, Elain Margo, Lena Brice, John Ellie, Sally Farb, Steve Roule, Jane Bond
Directed by: Michael Findlay

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