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"Witness The Breathtaking Story...The Secret Hideout...The Mystery of Woman!"

Anne (JOAN BAMFORD) and Tom (LON ALEXION) work in a small real estate office, but must keep their marriage ó and (gasp!) nudist lifestyle ó from their uptight boss, Mr. Bennett (Nude on the Moonís Professor, WILLIAM MAYER). When Bennett finds a card on the floor that reads "Member of the American Nudist Organization," he goes berserk and fires Tom, even though Tom is in the middle of closing a major deal with important client Al Jenkins (Blaze Starr Goes Nudistís GENE BURK).

Despondent, Tom goes to relax at his friendly local nudist camp ó specifically, the Sunny Palms Lodge in Homestead, Florida ó and sits around naked in a lawn chair, moping: "Itís hard to look cheerful when you donít know how youíre going to pay the rent!" Camp Director Bill Hardy listens to his sob story, then lets Tom take over as temporary Camp Director for a few weeks, while Bill goes on vacation. (Though, you have to ask: where do you go on vacation when youíre a Nudist Camp Director !)

Happy as Temporary Director, who does Tom run into at the nudist camp but, yup, Al Jenkins! It turns out Alís been a nudist for years: "And itís made me a better and more tolerant person!" Jenkins and Tom then decide to cook up a plan to "teach that old proverb-spotter" Bennett a lesson. Jenkins calls Bennett and tells him that he would like to invite him to "spend the weekend at my club" and, there, close the deal. Bennett agrees and arrives on Friday night, but is in for quite a shock Saturday morning: "Good heavens, what kind of place is this! These people have no clothes on !"

To calm him down, Jenkins takes Bennett on a tour around me club, carefully explaining how natural and hygienic nudism is, and demonstrating that... well, Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls. Bennett gets to observe a nude volleyball game, nudists playing basketball, a nude accordion sway-along, nude teeter-totter, and even some nude archery (taught by Scum of the Earth,ís sex fiend, CRAIG MAUDLSLAY, JR.), But what really sells him is the work of "Ben Jones, famous botanist," who did the landscaping and is also, incidentally, a nudist. "I suppose I was a tyrant, but I see things differently now!" proclaims Bennett.

Yes, another tight-ass boss saved by nudism, courtesy of director DORIS WISHMAN, whose entire career was, at this early junction, made up entirely of one nudist camp movie after another.

From a 35mm print "In Intoxicating Eastman color!" ó Janet Harvey,

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SKU: d5128
Format: Download
Year: 1963
Color: Color
Starring: Joan Bamford
Co-starring: Lon Alexion
Other cast: William Mayer, Gene Burk, Craig Mudslay Jr.
Directed by: Doris Wishman

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