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Unzip your trousers and take out your flounders! Hereís another formerly forgotten fag-house feature for your creaminí pleasure. A battalion of "fresh new" faces, favorite old sex acts, sloppy surprises, and even a special guest star.

As was the style at the time, this feature is actually a collection of lurid loops beginning with a young Kevin Dillon-type lounging around in his underwear until one of his fellow Jr. Cadets comes by with a dirty magazine. This prompts a thorough recreation of the acts described therein including, but not limited to, the 69, the butt munch, and pin-the-tail-of-the-blond-cadet-until-he-canít-see-straight. Suddenly, JACK WRANGLER, our special guest star, arrives (without knocking) and the guys are on him like flies on shit!

Next, a tall, lanky dark-haired cadet changes into ridiculous-looking workout tights and lifts weights with terrible form. Spotting him is ó surprise! ó a studly black-skinned beauty which was a rarity for this era of white-bread porn. When dumbbell boy has a stupid accident and hurts his back (itís always the back, isnít it?) our black dude offers both a massage and a hot black dick up the ass!

Our next sexual set piece begins when a hot young landscaper takes a break from raking dirt to yanking his pud right out in the open. Who should come along but two brunette cadets who offer to help him finish the job. This threesome really shake things up indulging in some graphic tea bagging, double schlong gobbling, and finally making a CLT. (Thatís a Cadet Landscaper Sandwich. Iím not sure what the T stands for but Iím sure itís plenty hot.)

After a smooth buff-snapper jerks off, we move on to a randy red-headed cadet, his tattooed sidekick, and a master masturbator. Watch as this terrific trio take an explicit oral inventory of each otherís private parts in an endless variety of pleasing positions.

Our final filthy bit of fanfare pairs a Manny heart throb with a big blond studlet who suffers from a severe oral fixation. The two go at it 69 style until Sideburns Sarge barges in and demands to be let in on the action. The swarthy Sarge sucks his buddiesídicks before getting his hairy ass rimmed and fucked for the good olí U.S.of A! Soon, everyoneís a few ounces lighter and the floor is a whole lot wetter. Now look whatís happened. Iíve made a big old mess myself.

Shhhh! Donít ask. I wonít tell. ó Manny Willie Wanker

SKU: 7395
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Jack Wrangler

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