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LOVE WANGA - Download

      “Wanga! Wanga! That’s voodoo!” It’s also a rare and fascinating example of roadshow booga-booga that’s as much preoccupied with interracial romance as it is with human sacrifice and voodoo spells.
      On Paradise Island, Clelie (FERDI WASHINGTON), a light-skinned black who’s also a voodoo priestess, is given “a Love Wanga” – a charm against evil – by the local witch doctor: “Should I lose it, may evil and death come upon me...”
      Clelie’s also madly in love with Adam, the white owner of a nearby plantation. Trouble is, Adam’s in love with Eve, a New York socialite without an apple. This drives Clelie crazy: “Don’t draw away from me as though I were a black wench in your field!”
      Further complicating things is LeStrange – B-movie tough guy and future TV producer SHELDON LEONARD (Zombies on Broadway) inexplicably playing a Haitian in blackface – who has the hots for Clelie: “Your white skin doesn’t change what’s inside you! You’re black! Do you hear me? You’re black! You belong to me!”
      Spurning LeStrange, Clelie forces one of Adam’s servants (“Is you a voodoo?”) to plant a death wanga in Eve’s hankie, promptly sending Eve into a coma. Clelie than raises two zombies from the grave – “I’ll show him what a black girl can do!” – and sends them to abduct Adam’s “little white bride” who’s scheduled for beheading as a voodoo sacrifice: “Can a placid white-blooded thing like you make Adam happy?”
      But LeStrange, understandably pissed when Clelie shoots him at point blank range, removes her wanga and gives her a little voodoo surprise all his own: “So, the voodoo priestess has been out voodooed!”
      A.k.a. Crimes of Voodoo, this oddball relic, ambitiously shot in the West Indies, was released overseas by Paramount as Ouanga, and remade four years later with an all black cast as The Devil’s Daughter. Historically, it’s also only the second film to feature zombies.
      From a 35mm wanga-wacky print complete with “the throbbing, pulsating beat of the voodoo drums... drums... drums...”-- Frank Henenlotter

SKU: d34534
Format: Download
Year: 1935
Color: B&W
Starring: Ferdi Washington
Co-starring: Philip Brandon
Other cast: Sheldon Leonard , Marie Paxton
Directed by: George Terwilliger

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