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Among the "lost" films of HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, probably no title has been more sought after or aroused more curiosity than the oddity known as Miss Nymphetís Zap-In. Well, the search is over as Something Weird Video has finally unearthed a super-rare 35mm release print of the elusive Miss N. And what exactly is Miss Nymphetís Zap-In? Incredibly, itís an H.G. Lewis-style X-rated version of Rowan and Martinís Laugh-ln ! On NBC from 1968 to - 1973, Laugh-in was a rapid-fire blend of skits, gags, and punchlines that made Goldie Hawn a star and popularized such national catch phrases as "Sock it to me." Zap-ln, on the other hand, is a rapid-fire blend of skits, gags, and punchlines featuring naked girls and dirty jokes.

"My name is Miss Nympho...uh, Miss Nymphet. And we have a lot of exciting and unusual things to show you," says the titular Miss N by way of introduction. A gal wearing a bra with three cups walks past her. Miss Nymphet giggles: "Thatís nothing. You ought to see what she has two of!" Yup, folks, themís the jokes.

And rapid-fire dirty jokes are, quite simply, also the entire plot. Dirty jokes about doctors, psychiatrists, cheating wives. Great White Hunters, French restaurants, peepshow loops, crabs, and gays. Cheap jokes on cheap sets and punctuated by two hilariously mismatched topless go-go dancers, as well as the entire cast periodically screaming "Zap!" as they freeze in wacky positions, all of which is accompanied by a typical Lewis garage-band soundtrack from his son, ROBERT LEWIS, and "The Zaps."

Is it funny? Does it matter? Hell, this is Herschell High Concept! This isnít about comedy, itís about sex ! Itís Exploitation Film in extremis ! It doesnít have to be funny! (Significantly, the opening credits list the producer as "Francis X. Ploitation," and thereís no screenplay credit, fake or otherwise.) Naturally, those who have never seen Laugh-In might be at a loss. On the other hand, those who have seen Laugh-In will still be at a loss since a movie mutant like this ó which, by the way, predates such sex spoofs of TV as The Groove Tube and Tunnel Vision ó is why Herschell Gordon Lewis should be on a U.S. postage stamp.

Though Zap-lnís X-rating was self-applied, the MPAA probably wouldíve given it an X anyway. While the nudity doesnít include full-frontal, itís nevertheless wall-to-wall. But a word of caution to the purists: Though digitally remastered from 35mm, our print is not only well worn but has tons of emulsion scratches running through it. Of course, considering this is the only print thatís surfaced in upwards of thirty years ó and there probably werenít more than ten prints struck in the first place ó weíre not holding our breath waiting for a perfect one to pop up tomorrow. Instead, think of it as a very special, one-of-a-kind antique from the Seventies.

But let Miss Nymphet herself have the last word: "For you students of sociology or anthropology or political science or even English literature, I have an important observation for you: Isnít watching this a heck of a lot nicer than studying?" ó Frank Henenlotter

SKU: 3037
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Dixie Donovan
Co-starring: Tony Mark
Other cast: Christine Murray, Ed Pawlin, Sonora
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis ("Sheldon Seymour")

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