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In the world of roughies, there’s "sick," there’s "offensive," and then there’s Love Camp 7. Think of it as a one-stop supermarket for all your misogynistic needs.

During World War II, MARIA LEASE (Fabulous Bastard from Chicago) and KATHY WILLIAMS (Office Love In), two WAC Lieutenants with photographic memories and big breasts, volunteer to infiltrate Love Camp 7, a POW camp where the women are forced into sex with German officers. Once inside, they hope to find a certain prisoner who holds information about a new jet engine, and... oh yeah, "be whores for the Third Reich."

After a physical exam by a tough dyke doctor, the girls are then promptly mauled, manhandled, and made to lick boots. They’re also beaten, whipped, lashed, and raped, forced to watch as poor little fräulein Kaufman is strung up and straddled over a splintery piece of triangular plywood called "the Seat of Honor," made to stand at attention with their buckets (the fiends!), and, of course, ordered to act like lesbians. There’s also a big bad orgy that turns into a big bad bloody massacre. Even more shocking, there’s an honest-to-God good Nazi: "I, personally, don’t agree with any of this!"

Diminutive hambone (and pudgy producer) BOB CRESSE (House on Bare Mountain) plays the gleefully sadistic camp commandant with Hogan’s Heroes style subtlety and the world’s worst German accent. He’s at his best at the end, shrieking and going berserk with a blood-spattered face. But the biggest surprise is the camp Guest List: when Maria and Kathy are tossed into the VIP Room, who should show up for a free sample but none other than the Mighty Monarch himself, SS Officer DAVID F. FRIEDMAN (!), complete with Nazi uniform and trademark stogie!!!

You’ll also spot COLLEEN MURPHY (Alice in Acidland), JOHN ALDERMAN (Fabulous Bastard from Chicago) with a semi-French accent, and rotund exploitation vet BRUCE KIMBALL (Drive-In Massacre; billed here as Bruce Kemp) who gets a corkscrew in the neck.

Yes, kiddies, this is the forerunner to all those sick, sick Nazi sex films of the seventies, and no self-respecting Nazploitation collection would be complete without it. Cresse and director R. LEE FROST first flirted with Nazi fetishes for a nasty sequence in 1966’s Mondo Bizarro, while an unbilled Dave Friedman produced the ultimate in Nazi roughies, Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS for Canada’s Cinepix in 1974.

Quick, somebody drop some bombs! From the original 35mm goose-stepping negative.
--Handsome Harry Archer

Trailer views: 8017
SKU: 3101
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1968
Color: Color
Starring: Bob Cresse
Co-starring: Maria Lease
Other cast: Kathy Williams, John Alderman, Dave Friedman
Directed by: R. L. Frost


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