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Espionage in Double Dís from a story by ED WOOD. Top secrets, security leaks, electronic surveillance, and MICHELLE ANGELOís delectable hooters all figure in a "deadly game" of bodacious industrial spies. Operating out of a temp agency catering to members of the corporate elite, this band of mega-mammarian Mata-Hariís trade sex For Love and Money in the nasty business of blackmail and extortion.

Hot on their heels, however, is tenacious law-enforcement agent Lt. Gardiner who looks and talks remarkably like Dwight D. Eisenhower. Gardnerís got the goods on each of the lovely spies as agency bugs and hidden cameras have recorded their nefarious sexcapades. The evidence is overwhelming: these gals have bodies that just wonít quit.

In order to photograph secret aerospace documents, lovely Michelle Angelo takes her mark to a motel room and unleashes her luscious gazongas on him like a pair of fleshy attack dogs. Exotic Asian beauty MICHI TANI, nude modeling "for a price," maneuvers a CEO into a compromising position: the missionary. She also utters one of the greatest mauled lines in sexploitation history: "Hey, Freud, you gettiní too flesh, arenít we!"

But the show-stopper is the body painting scene. MUNRO KNIGHT is lured to the "drop-in, trip-out" pad of NORMA MIMOSA in order to "unlax" on some LSD-laced wonder bread. Gazing intensely at her bullet-titted torso, Knight asks, "How shall I paint you?" Mimosa answers, ultra-earnestly, "I feel round Thatís how I feel. Round. Not like girl-round, but round like thereís no square corners to catch onto anything. Itís hard to explain that kind of round." Knight replies, I know that kind of round," and proceeds to emote on that kind of round as he swabs paint all over her naked body before trying to insert his square peg in her round hole.

But be wamed: anytime a babe bares her boobs, the title song kicks in. Sung, no doubt, by a lounge singer from Hell, itíII burn itself into your brain and haunt you for the rest of your life. Edward D. Wood, Jr. (billed here simply as "Edward Davis") later turned his story into a pulp novel The Sexutives, published in 1969. As Gardiner comments on the case heís trying to crack, "Bizarre is not quite me word for it." How about "round"?

From a 16mm boobs-and-bunko print.

ó Don the Deviate, America Moralia

Trailer views: 2497
SKU: 3139
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1967
Color: color
Starring: Michelle Angelo
Co-starring: Janice Kelly
Other cast: Michi Tani
Directed by: Don Davison


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