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     HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS’ first fully-fledged nudie film contained that one element which was missing from many other early entries in that genre, namely a sense of humor that actually worked. Inspired (according to producer DAVID F. FRIEDMAN) by a popular old schoolyard tale, The Adventures of Lucky Pierre consists of a series of short skits, each one featuring the titular character, played by club comic BILLY FALBO, in a variety of amusing situations.
     In "Pardon My Pigment," Falbo’s a bumbling artist painting three nudes in a park, (His painting turns out like an abstract Picasso!) In "The Plumber’s Friend," Falbo is a handyman fixing a shower faucet while a lovely blonde soaks in the tub, (The woman’s irate husband is played by Lewis regular WILLIAM KERWIN, a.k.a. "Thomas Wood") "For the Birds" sees Falbo as a nature watcher who stumbles across two sunning beauties, and in "The Photographer’s Apprentice," he’s a cleaner at a "Glamour Photo Studio" who ends up taking photographs of three nudes who inexplicably vanish each time he snaps a photo.
     In the best segment, "Drive-In Me Crazy," Falbo drives over a hundred miles to a drive-in (the Hilltop in Will County, Illinois) which is screening a double bill of "I Was a Teenage Nudist" and "10 Days in a Nudist Camp" (as well as sixty-five cartoons!). After being serviced (ahem) by an all-nude staff, Falbo settles down to watch the short subject "Picnic at the Playground," a "Movies-In-The-Rough Production" in "glorious black & white on our new narrow screen." The film-within-a-film stars the same three girls who work at the drive-in!
     One of the best assets of The Adventures of Lucky Pierre — aside from "Pierre’s Playmates" — is the performance by Falbo. With a black beret perched upon his head,he looks like a young Jack Klugman, and mugs and mimes in the classic Jerry Lewis tradition. There’s also a cheesy but fun organ-based music score composed and played by Herschell, with his musician friend LARRY WELLINGTON backing him on xylophone, drums, and sleazy sax.
     Like all the nudie films they did together, The Adventures of Lucky Pierre was directed and produced by Lewis and Friedman under the pseudonyms "Lewis H. Gordon" and "Davis Freeman."
     From the original 35mm negative "In Cutie Color and Skinamascope!" — John Harmon, Reel Wild Cinema

Trailer views: 20644
SKU: 3159
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1961
Color: Color
Starring: Billy Falbo
Co-starring: Pierre's Playmates
Other cast: William Kerwin
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis ("Lewis H. Gordon")


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