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      A.k.a. Crazy World, GUALTIERO JACOPETTI and FRANCO PROSPERI’s sequel to their ground-breaking shockumentary Mondo Cane is another beautifully photographed but equally disturbing crackpot travelogue of global gross-outs and international insanity:
           Human pincushions parade their punctured flesh through the streets of India... A whorehouse on wheels travels through the roads of White Trash America... Mexicans eat tortillas made of hot sauce and live, squirming insects... Italian men have a great time bashing their heads into a thick metal door... Lust-crazed men with seltzer bottles spray strippers wrapped in toilet paper...
           In a truly frightening sequence, a bunch of old women, "possessed by the devil," go absolutely berserk by writhing on the ground, puking, and setting themselves on fire in a deconsecrated church in Southern Italy. ("What are they shouting?" the snotnose narrator asks. "Nothing that can possibly have any sense.")
           In contrast, there’s a delirious and hilarious sequence in "a big photographer’s studio in America" where sexy models are "bloodied" and "mutilated," then, in assembly-line fashion, stabbed, strangled, shot, electrocuted, tortured, and hung out a window in order to make lurid covers for pulp magazines: "The recipe is always the same. Take one plump young woman, dice and brown over a slow fire. While still rare, serve cold."
         Mondo Pazzo also offers us shit collecting in Africa; a mid-East slave auction; children deliberately crippled so they’ll be better beggars; an embalming school in California; an African tribe feasting on delicious crocodile meat; an artist who creates works by spitting out paint on the canvas; a concert recital in which the "musician" slaps the faces of a line of men (including a tearful, terrified midget); a "psychological decompression chamber" in which we wacky Americans scream and go nuts and throw food at movie footage of cops and traffic jams (say what?); and that perennial mondo standby, drag queens.
           Plus, for all those lost souls who crave a Faces of Death-type fix, a Buddhist monk sets himself on fire in Saigon...
           In the early seventies, this was re-edited, cut by some 17 minutes, and re-released (under its original title, Mondo Cane No. 2) on a double-bill with Mondo Cane (No. 1). This, of course, is the original, uncut, full-length version, transferred from the 35mm mondo-disgusto negative.
           We dare you to watch it during dinner.    -- Frank Henenlotter

SKU: 3443
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1963
Color: COLOR
Directed by: Gualtiero Jacopetti and Frnaco Prosperi


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