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Made just prior to Lewisí infamous Blood Feast and featuring much of the same cast, Bell, Bare and Beautiful is a nudist and big-bust fanaticís dream come true. Leading man WILLIAM KERWIN (under his "Thomas Wood" alias) plays Rich Bradshaw, a wealthy bachelor who is diagnosed with a strange ailment caused by a recurring dream about a perfect, unobtainable woman. The quacks decide that heís suffering from an aversion to marriage and a fear of serious commitment. Solution: find the girl of his dreams. But could such a woman actually exist? (Obviously, this script was written by a man.)

After an artist (JEROME EDEN) makes a sketch from Rickís description, Rick places an ad in the paper and is flooded with calls and letters. Babes and scumbags come crawling out of the woodwork (including Fuad Ramsesí first victim, SANDRA SINCLAIR), but none of them is his dreamgirl. But when Rick receives a package containing photos of burlesque dancer Gina Adair (bodacious but verbally-challenged VIRGINIA BELL), he skedaddles to Florida to see her perform.

At the urging of a friendly bellhop, Rick first pays a visit to the local nudist colony, Paradise Gardens. Naked gals abound! And Rick ogles them! Cut to nudists playing softball, doing the limbo, and swimming in a pond!

Rick finally goes to the Paris Follies Theater to see Gina perform, and everyone is treated to a heaping helping of Miss Bellís giant bazooms during a lengthy striptease. And no doubt about it, sheís the one! Rick darts to her dressing room to tell her the good news, but is met with a less than friendly reception from Ginaís jealous manager, boyfriend Barney.

But it appears that Ginaís agent, Mickey, had sent Rick the photos, so he sets up a private meeting for them at Paradise Gardens. Rick and Gina get mildly acquainted in the buff and he learns that sheís forced to stay with Barney and strip in order to cover her fatherís debts. Rick offers to pay whatís owed and they proclaim their love (even though they barely know each other). However, Barney isnít going to let his cash cow get away that easily...

Known mainly as a headlining burlesque queen (see Lullaby of Bareland),Virginia Bell also made numerous nudie cutie film loops in her day, which thankfully, were silent. Apparently, she was with child when Bell, Bare and Beautiful was shot, which would explain why she is tastefully draped in so many scenes. Filmed on location at Spartansí Tropical Garden in Miami, Florida.

From the tell-tale super 8mm film print.

-- Lisa Petrucci

Trailer views: 15937
SKU: 3465
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1963
Color: B&W
Starring: Virginia Bell
Co-starring: William Kerwin
Other cast: Sunny Dare, Jerome Eden, Sandra Sinclair
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis


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