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     Stanley Jones takes a job as a rent collector. His boss, Mr. Watson, warns him, "You’re going to collect from a bunch of nuts!" (Tomatoes actually.) He tells him to be strong. "I am a man above all temptation," says Stanley. Of course, we know that Stanley is going to get more ass than a proctolo-gist.
     As our happy-go-lucky hornbag goes door-to-door he is greeted with more holes than a salt shaker. First stop is a wet and wild sexpot clad only in a towel. She seductively eats a banana, tears his pants off, sprays Cool Whip over his pole and sits on his face. Rent? What rent?
     Next Stanley tangles with two sexy lesbians who get him stoned. Before long he’s higher than Skylab and eating furburgers.
     Stanley meets Mrs. Stone, a topless, whip-cracking beauty wearing a black cape like Dracula. She keeps spraying disinfectant in the air and acts like someone who forgot to take their medication. In the middle of a blowjob she pours lighting fluid on him and sets his crotch on fire. (Swear to god.)
     Cut to Martha and Clarence, a married couple having an argument. "I like to wear women’s clothes," admits Clarence, who appears to be wearing lipstick. "This is horrifying," admits Martha. Guess who drops by? "Oh, shit," Stanley says when he spots Clarence outfitted in crotchless panties. "Step back! We got a weirdo here." he yells when Clarence tries to get him to screw his wife. "I’m an individual." pouts the crossdresser. Stanley changes his mind when Martha wraps her big, wet mouth around his package.
     By the end of the day Stanley’s penis is like a slinky. He visits another tenant who tells him, "I want you like an animal." She whips up a secret aphrodisiac. Stanley guzzles the cocktail, grabs his face, screams like Dr. Jekyll and ... starts speaking in a foreign accent! "I feel like a blonde!" he lisps, "I want to eat someone! ANYONE!" Starring Tommy Toole, Sheila Galore and Donna Pussie.
     In keeping with Bucky’s policy of "MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!" our second attraction is Naked Encounters. The plot is nonexistent and the film is really just a package of porn scenes. However the cast is attractive and do things that boggle the mind. RENE BOND once again burns up the screen and the pic offers a chance to see leggy sexploitation starlet SANDY CAREY (The Devil’s Garden, Country Hooker, The Snow Bunnies) in a rare hardcore appearance.
- Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: 35782
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Sandy Carey


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