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     Are you sitting down? In the grand tradition of superheroes like Aquaman. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman comes... Bat Pussy!
     Thatís no typo. Bat Pussy (alias Dora Dildo) sits around her secret hideout waiting for her super senses to tell her when a crime is about to be committed. Her twat begins to twitch" and she jumps up. "Dirty muthafuckas. fucking in my Gotham City ..." she mutters in a thick Southern accent. Clad in green tights, a ratty cape, a tee shirt with the famous Batman insignia on it and gym shorts (!), the masked avenger hits the open road on her Hoppity Hop. (For those who didnít have one as a kid, these were big rubber balloons you squatted on and bounced around with!) Jesus Christ!
     If that doesnít leave you dumbstruck, wait till you get a load of "Buddy" and his dumpy wife. Practically the whole film takes place in their bed. When their mouths arenít busy chewing on the lower portion of each otherís anatomy, they are babbling away at one another like two escaped mental patients. You gotta see this to believe it. Their dialogue becomes almost surreal. Snappy lines include: "You wouldnít know how to eat someone if you were doing your grandmotherí and "My horoscope says Iím gonna fuck you in the nose."
     After Bat Pussy foils a rapist, she pops up in Buddyís bedroom. She accuses them of making fuck movies". ("Itís a misunderstanding!" he yells.) Then they all get naked.
     Holy erection! What in godís name is going on here?
     If your brain didnít explode from watching Bat Pussy then check out the groin-tickling antics of Baby Bubbles. Dig this: Rick and Rufus, two smut peddlers, operate a vice ring. They run a phony modeling agency luring young dolls into their web. Their latest victim is Baby Bubbles, who our narrator describes as "a dingbat, a mental deficient" with "a body that would make a rich man drool."
     Bubbles is really an agent of GAS (Girls Against Slavery!). Sheís gone undercover (and winds up under the coversí). Will Baby Bubbles escape the perverted clutches of Rick and Rufus? My lips are sealed (but hers arenít!).
     -- Mike Accomando. DREADFUL PLEASURES

Trailer views: 6221
SKU: 36132
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970s
Color: Color


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