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She wore sex like other women wore perfume!

Learning that sleazeball photographer Ramon is setting up "unusual and bizarre entertainments that run the gamut from old fashioned orgies to the more perverse pleasures,: BABETTE, a kinky been-there-done-that sex kitten, wants in on the action and is soon wallowing in a threesome (with cult fave Ute Erickson), enjoying "female fun and games" with the Daughters of Lesbos, and helping initiate a new member in Ramon's "secret society": "My reservoir or lust was overflowing !"

PLUS: Monique is so anxious to become a movie star that she gets naked for a producer, watches other naked girls in the producer's other naked movies, and finally ends up starring in a naked skinflick where she's tied up by a fetish freak. All of which is dutifully chronicled by her obsessed roommate Rita for a book entitled MONIQUE, MY LOVE, whose final chapter is the inevitable girl-girl love scene...

Gutter-level sinema at its best, BABETTE (aka Babette in Return of the Secret Society) and MONIQUE, MY LOVE are two subversive gems that not only celebrate sexual anarchy but glorify women as self-contained sex machines who can get along very well without men, thank you.

Special Features

  • Digitally Remastered!
  • Original Theatrical Trailers for: BABETTE and MONIQUE, MY LOVE!
  • Bonus Lewd & Lurid Trailers for: Fluctuations, In Hot Blood, Nightbirds, and Submission!
  • Dressed only in their underwear, it's Babette vs. Monique on the Living Room Floor Kinky Spank Short # 1: Paddle Battle!
  • The Local Lesbian Club Puts on a Show in Rare 1930s Nudie Short # 2: A Roman Holiday !
  • A good Girl gets a lesson is Discipline from a Leather-Clad Dominatrix in 8mm Mail-Order Color Short # 3: Real or Knot !
  • Before Diving into the Sex Industry, Something Weird suggests other Employment Opportunities for Women with Vintage Americana Short # 4: Careers for Girls !
  • Vintage Bra and Girdle Commercials from the Sixties!
  • Gallery of Sick Sixties Sex Stills with Audio Oddities!
  • Total Running Time: Over 3 1/2 Hours with "The Charged Scent of Sex"!

WARNING: This Program Contains Nudity, Sexual Situations, and the Joy of Being Shackled!

Trailer views: 18942
SKU: 2010
Format: DVD
Year: 1968 - 1969
Color: B&W
Starring: Linda Boyce
Co-starring: Uta Erickson
Other cast: Gerri Miller
Directed by: Peter Woodcock


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