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Sexy Shocker Hardcore Horrors Vol 08: THE HAUNTED PUSSY / THE LUCIFERS - DVD-R

DORIS WISHMAN has stated for the record that sheís never made any hardcore. Sorry, Doris, but I believe otherwise. Allegedly directed by one "Luigi Manicottale," THE HAUNTED PUSSY, a.k.a. COME WITH ME MY LOVE , has all the earmarks of Dorisí crazed signature style: her loopy plotting (including the obligatory walk through Central Park), oddball cutaways to inanimate objects, minimalist post-dubbing that makes everyone sound stoned, etc., etc. In fact, itís virtually a catalogue of Wishmanís stylistic excesses, albeit with boners.

In 1925, Harry Reem-ish hubby, Randolph, discovers his wife (URSULA AUSTIN) being plowed by his best friend. He immediately shoots them dead, then kills himself. Naturally, 51 years later, Abby, a dead ringer for the wife (and again played by Miss Austin) rents the same apartment. Is she a reincarnation? Family descendant? Coincidental look-alike? Who knows.

As Abby stares at a table, a bottle of sleeping pills suddenly materializes through the motion-picture miracle of a jump cut. Not questioning this in the slightest, Abby downs one of the pills and, appropriately zonked, is visited by the ghost of Randolph who first appears in negative, then in the all-too-disgusting flesh. He happily gives her the old in and out.

Next day, Abby meets a guy in the superís "spooky" apartment. They ball as Randolph watches jealously. When the guy takes a bath, Randolph tosses an electric radio into the tub and juices him. Then a tubby guy named Bill shows up. He and Abby screw (during which a close-up of someone elseís hairy back is edited into the scene). Randolph then hilariously pushes Bill out a window. Tess, the next-door neighbor, pays a visit and she too gets it on with Abby before Randolph stabs her between the tits.

The competition thus out of the way, Randolph tells Abby to take an overdose of sleeping pills and "Come with me, my love..."

Wow. With ANNIE SPRINKLE as Tess, VANESSA DEL RIO in what looks like footage from another film, and ROGER CAINE who (as AL LEVITSKY) got his neck punctured in GEORGE ROMEROís MARTIN.

Unless Doris suddenly ífesses up, Mr. Manicottale will have to remain the director of record. But if Miss Wishman didnít make this, Iíll eat my prerecord of A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER.

The Devil (whose face is half red, half white) wanders around a medieval fair trading lust for eternal damnation. Among THE LUCIFERS looking for a cheap thrill is a bored housewife: "I would do anything for a good piece of ass. Even sell my soul to the Devil." Boingl She quickly trades eternity for a beefy guy with Elvis sideburns.

RICK CASSIDY suffers from impotence which Lucifer will cure for a small price: "Render up your eternal soul to me. Is it a deal?" "Yeah. What the fuck. Why not?" Heís promptly transported onto a waterbed as a toy for two stoned babes. But Cassidyís girlfriend, Violet, doesnít need the Devil because "True love is a force more powerful than corruption of the soul." Oh, please.

Don the Deviate would also like it mentioned that this film features the cast of SWINGING SKI GIRLS and SWINGING SORORITY GIRLS, a particular fetish of said Deviate.
ó Frank Henenlotter

SKU: 36287
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Ursula Austin
Co-starring: Annie Sprinkle
Other cast: Vanessa Del Rio, Roger Caine, Rick Cassidy
Directed by: Luigi Manicottale


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