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"Number 13 Demon Street. I am condemned to live here. To suffer on this earth eternally as a punishment for my sin. It is said that no greater outrage was ever committed by any mortal. But should I find a crime more heinous, my terrible punishment will end." -- LON CHANEY JR.

Somewhere between One Step Beyond and Thriller lies 13 Demon Street, a thirteen episode shot-in-Sweden television show created and directed by CURT SIODMAK (the Hollywood horror vet who scripted The Wolfman and wrote Donovan’s Brain). After directing the pilot for Hammer’s unsold Tales of Frankenstein (’58), Siodmak made a deal with LEO GUILD and KENNETH HERTS to shoot a supernatural horror anthology, 13 Demon Street, in Stockholm’s Nordisk Tonefilm studio in 1960. As host -- and caretaker of the titular address -- a disheveled Lon Chaney Jr. briefly intros each episode, often looking like he wants to punch the camera and start a brawl instead. Moody, atmospheric, and hilariously hokey, the series was nevertheless unable to find a buyer. Though the shows were never aired anywhere in the world, we’ve nevertheless found them. Yup, direct from the Land of the Midnight Sun (complete with Swedish subtitles) and transferred from 35mm prints, comes this incredibly rare Something Weird exclusive, three episodes of the unseen 13 Demon Street. Boo!

With John Crawford, Ann Wakefield, Jason Lindsey

A television crew arrives at Sweden’s Stafsholm’s Castle in the hopes of broadcasting a murderous ghost who dwells in one of the bedrooms: "This will be the first attempt to catch the image of an authentic ghost on the television screen!" But when a crew member is found choked to death in the room, TV host Henry Waller and his girlfriend, Denise, foolishly decide to spend the night in the haunted bedroom. Sure enough, they too find themselves being suffocated as the dapper ghost of Erik Kirsten strolls out from an ancient painting...

With Frank Taylor, Sara Harts, Jason Lindsey

A chunk of glacier is struck in a mine shaft with the figure of a nude woman, guessed to be 50,000 years old, frozen in the ice. Bringing the chunk of ice to a museum, Dr. Sven Sjöström immediately falls in love with the woman entombed in it (whom he calls Angelica) and gets upset when Olsen, a rival scientist, suggests melting the ice: "But everybody will see her in her nakedness!" Wanting her all to himself, Sven kills Olsen, buys his girlfriend-on-ice a dress and pair of shoes (!), and is shocked when she suddenly opens her eyes... (The episode begins with an angry Chaney throwing a chunk of ice in a fireplace then sneering at us, "This world is evil!... So are you! So is everybody!")

With Charles Nolte, Vernon Young, Berit Lind

Finding a ritual that guarantees "untold wealth" in an old tome, Anton Lupesco goes on a bizarre scavenger hunt in which he must bury the beak of a raven in the oldest grave in the cemetery, steal "an omen of death" from antique shopkeeper Curt Siodmak in a silent cameo, and seek out a man who does evil and kill him. But -- surprise! -- there’s a tiny detail he’s overlooked...

-- Watson Pritchard

SKU: 36667
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1960
Color: B&W
Starring: Joan Crawford
Co-starring: Ann Wakefield
Other cast: Jason Lindsey, Frank Taylor, Sara Harts, Jason Lindsey, Charles Nolte, Vernon Young, Berit Lind
Directed by: Curt Siodmak


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