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Times are tough at Moms’ Boarding House. There’s no work for her boarders - all theater people - and Moms doesn’t have enough money to pay Simon, her shifty landlord. But in the best theatrical tradition the gang is able to convince Mr. Norman to hire everyone and put on a big show. The first half takes place at Moms’ and features the talents of a very young Jackie "Moms" Mabley as well as comedian Dusty Fletcher and his "monkey" Steggy -John Riano in a suit and performance that puts most of those lumbering guys in gorilla costumes from jungle pictures to shame.

The second half of the film consists of the acts auditioning for Mr. Norman in the best vaudeville tradition. There’s singing from Una Mae Carlisle, Stump and Stumpy, Paul Breckenridge, Anistine Allen and Bullmoose Williams. Lucky Miller and his band provide a great big band sound, and you won’t believe "Crip" Heard, the one-armed, one-legged dancer, until you see him do his thing. -Enc Schaefer, Exploitation Film Historian

SKU: 36178
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1948
Color: B&W
Starring: Dusty Fletcher
Co-starring: Bull Moose Jackson
Other cast: Una Mae Carlisle, John Mason, Berry Brothers, Jackie Mabley, Stump & Stumpy, Lewis & White
Directed by: Josh Binney


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