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If you don't love director DALE BERRY and his particular brand of Texas sleaze... well, we feel sorry for you. Go watch a film by Ed Burns. On the other hand, if you like 'em dumb and fun, then abandon all hope ye who enter here 'cause Berry's world is so damn off-kilter as to be downright surreal.

A blonde sexpot (BEVERLY OLIVER) strolls down some railroad tracks in the middle of Godknowswhere, Texas, and attracts the attentions of some hobos, especially big BILL THURMAN, who jumps on top of her. Out of nowhere, a guy in a suit and tie rushes to her aide. 'Why do you do this to me, Myrtle,' the guy in the suit asks. 'I don't know for sure, George,' the blonde answers. 'C'mon home,' the guy replies. Yup, Myrtle and George are man and wife in a very dysfunctional marriage. So dysfunctional, that George makes his wife -- 'This pathetic, loveless, miserably sick Myrtle Pennypacker' -- go see a shrink who puts her under 'the irresistible limbo of a hypnotic trance,' and we flashback to what made Myrtle such a mental mess....

On their wedding night, Myrtle wants some lovin' but George just wants to sleep. Miffed, Myrtle takes a carving knife from the kitchen and attempts to stab him to death! This abruptly segues into Myrtle doing a wild go-go atop the bar of a local watering hole as THE TONY HARRISON TRIO sing the title tune (with lyrics by producer WHIT BOYD), before she gets into a catfight with the waitress. Worse, Myrtle soon learns George is cheating on her with both her sister (played by the producer's wife, SHIRLEY BOYD) and 'a little Spanish slut he's been jacking around with,' leading to a confrontation that has Mr. and Mrs. Pennypacker wrestling on the floor.

The flashback over, Myrtle then strips to her brassiere and flashes the shrink who promptly has her committed to the neighborhood loony bin. But you can't keep a Hot Blooded Woman confined, and Myrtle quickly escapes to a nearby auto junkyard. Hunted by her husband and director Berry playing a cop, it all comes to what should be a horribly tragic conclusion if it wasn't so damn funny....

Shot silent, (haphazardly) overdubbed, and scored with wonderfully inappropriate cocktail-lounge music, Hot Blooded Woman is the quintessential white-trash epic, and second only to Berry's jaw-dropping The Girl and the Geek as the finest film ever to emerge from the Lone-Star State. That the story never makes a damn bit of sense and plays as if it were made up on the spot is just one of the many pleasures of Sixties-style Texsploitation. Besides, any film that will stop dead in its tracks to gawk at a high-haired honey doing a good ol'-fashioned go-go is okay with us. Leading lady Beverly Oliver worked in the Dallas nightclub scene way back then, knew both Jada and Jack Ruby and, in fact, served as a Technical Advisor on the 1991 Oliver Stone bio-pic JFK. She is now a born-again Christian who is reportedly very unhappy that Hot Blooded Woman is still in circulation. (We will, no doubt, happily burn in Hell.)

From a 35mm blood-boiling print. -- Luther Heggs

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SKU: d3336
Format: Download
Year: 1965
Color: B&W
Starring: Beverly Oliver
Co-starring: Shirley Boyd
Other cast: Gregg Pappas, Bill Thurman, Dale Berry
Directed by: Dale Berry

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