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"She went for anything in pants!" A rare black & white sexploitation quickie from HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, The Alley Tramp is about Patty Duke-ish Marie (JULIE AMES), a curious teenybopper who lets her overactive hormones get the best of her... and everyone else.

After spying her drunken parents in the throes of making whoopie, Marie goes to her bedroom, undresses, and contemplates losing her virginity by engaging in a little plushophilia. While mom and dad are out on the town, horny Marie makes the moves on her reluctant third cousin, Phil ( Just for the Hell of It's STEVE WHITE), while they're studying French and gets her cherry popped. Teen dating rituals and cutting school become the norm for the young couple. Thinking that love is a game, Marie plays it for all it's worth. They go to a carnival for some clean wholesome fun but end up naked and writhing outdoors in a park.

Meanwhile, mom and dad are busy with their own lives, none the wiser that their daughter is totally out of control and developing an attitude problem. Pop's avoiding wife Lily (ANN HEATH) and having a fling with his secretary. Lily is beside herself, sexually frustrated and looking for love in all the wrong places. She meets Herbie at a bar, ("You're quite a looker." "Well, you're quite a watcher!") and invites him back home for some afternoon delight.

The school calls and informs the negligent parents that their daughter has been skipping classes. Outraged, they confront Marie, who replies "I want to do as I please! I'm not a baby! I'm a woman!"

All hell promptly breaks loose. Phil is in love with Marie and wants to marry her, but she's just in it for kicks. Back home, Herbie roughs up Lily ("That's the way you like it, baby!") and darling daughter hears them in the act. She then seduces Herbie, much to Lily's horror, and threatens to expose their affair if she interferes. Herbie the Love Bug rides again!

Well, Marie's promiscuity catches up with her and she ends up preggered. She convinces Phil to fork over his savings for an abortion, and ends up in the emergency room. Her parents blame themselves and promise to provide a normal happy home life for their daughter. But once an alley tramp, always an alley tramp. Marie is sent to a mental hospital for her nymphomania...

Shot in three days in 1966,The Alley Tramp features a considerable (though probably accidental) amount of full-frontal nudity and over-the-top acting by co-star Ann Heath, while Julie Ames plays Marie with snotty abandon. lnexplicably, all of the cast and crew have been given fake French names for the credits, with Herschell billed as "Armand Parys." Oui, oui!

From the 35mm slut-and-a-half negative. -- Lisa Petrucci

Trailer views: 5177
SKU: d4018
Format: Download
Year: 1966
Color: B&W
Starring: Julie Ames
Co-starring: Steve White
Other cast: Ann Heath, Jack Horner, Roy Collodi
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis ("Armand Parys")

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