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The game of Clue for skin flick aficionados!

That's right! The Brick Dollhouse is a sexsational whodunit, set in late '60s suburbia, and Colonel Mustard is nowhere in sight. Very much in sight, however, are Danielle, Sherry, Carmen, and Linda, as well as lots of other luscious dolls with big hair, big boobs, and great eye makeup. They're all rooming in the titular apartment complex where one swinging party after another seems to blur into one continuous never-ending suburban swap meet...

Until the exotic Min Lee turns up dead, shot in the back. Party over!
Who killed Min Lee? Was it Linda? Was it Sandy? Was it Rod? Follow the clues. Police Lieutenant Parker will help you as he questions one lovely doll after another. As each of the girls tells her story, we flash back to a series of wild parties and sexual shenanigans. For instance, when Danielle says, "One night, I was taking a shower..." Flash! We're suddenly watching the gal taking the shower -- a long, hot, sensuous, self-exploring shower. Not a bad way to solve a murder mystery, eh?

Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a motive. But what really keeps you on the edge of your seat is not the solution of the mystery but, rather, the steady barrage of bodacious bodies on the bevy of beautiful babes who seem to do nothing in life but attend parties and screw. (Look for porn-star-soon-to-be EVE ORLON dancing poolside in a pink bikini at one of the parties!) This brick dollhouse is the perfect domicile for deviates-in-training.

All the guys here act like Rat-Pack wannabes and look like Ed "Kookie" Byrnes, and when the gals play strip poker with them, they're warned that they're playing with guys capable of "anything from rape to cutting a throat." So when Lt. Parker cracks the case by tricking the sleazy culprit into a confession, a sigh of relief escaped from the Deviate as he fast-forwarded to the next sex scene.

At the end of the film, the girls interview a prospective new roommate to replace the deceased Min Lee. "Do you like boys?" "Do you get high?" "Do you like nude parties?" "Do you like orgies?" Their questions should give you some idea of what goes on in The Brick Dollhouse. (The correct answer, by the way, is "Sure thing, baby...")

Distributed by DAVID F. FRIEDMAN.
From the 35mm well-built negative.
-- Don the Deviate, America Moralia

Trailer views: 5663
SKU: d4057
Format: Download
Year: 1967
Color: Color
Starring: Janice Kelly
Co-starring: Tina Vienna
Other cast: Lee Cory, Peggy Ann, Joyanna
Directed by: Tony Martinez

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