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There was a time in the late Sixties when it seemed like every other film out there was either about spies or secret agents or spoofs of both. So it's no surprise that there should be spy-nudies. What is surprising, however, is just how whacked-out bizarre The Spy Who Came is, playing like a science-fiction, S&M mix of The Curious Dr. Humpp and Olga's House of Shame. It's also yet another little gem that's been hovering under the radar for far too long and needs to be discovered for the crackpot cult oddity that it is.

Vice cop Harry Harris (LOUIS WALDON), an 'average guy' with an overactive libido, is followed into a Greenwich-Village bar by a gaunt blonde who appears to be in a trance. They meet, they talk, they go back to her place to ball. Which is when a nasty lesbian named Tessie and her two weirdo henchmen burst out of the closet and force Harry to meet their boss, an opium-addicted Arab who lives in the isolated ruins of a castle-like estate in the countryside. Displaying photos of Harry having sex with women other than his fiancee, the Arab wants to secure Harry's services in blackmailing U.N. delegates seduced by 'scientifically conditioned' robot-like love slaves: 'I've combined the ancient practices of the white slavers with the lessons taught by the arch-fiend, the Marquis de Sade!'

The love slaves, kidnap victims all, are drugged and shackled ('to sap their will and make them easy to manage'), then programmed to practice sexual acts on male mannequins -- a sequence straight out of a Jess-Franco film that rather cleverly pushed the boundaries of Sixties' screen permissiveness while simultaneously sidestepping it. Another gal is attached to Tessie's mad-doctor-like gizmo which gives her electro shock, 'mechanical nipple stimulation,' and 'electron bombardment of the genital area!' As also might be expected from an evil lesbian brain-washer, Tessie occasionally injects a serum into the butts of select women who then become her personal toys.

But when the Arab starts to go through drug withdrawal and Tessie won't give him his fix, a French Interpol agent spying on the scene decides it would be a good time to instigate a good ol' fashioned love-slave rebellion....

Yow. Twisted, witty, and slicker than most, The Spy Who Came is quite the kink athon. Though Louis Waldon is best remembered today for his films for Andy Warhol -- specifically Warhol's Lonesome Cowboys (1968), Paul Morrissey's Flesh (1968), and Warhol's infamous (and busted in New York) Blue Movie (1969) -- he also appeared in a number of sexploitation films as well, among them The Love Merchant (1966), The Swap (1966), The Bizarre Ones (1968), Anything Once (1969), and probably a couple more that he did under different names. A decent actor, he not only plays it all very straight, but is surprisingly believable in a deliberately unbelievable fetish film that must've been a real jaw-dropper in 1969.

From a 35mm Pavlovian print. #4409 -- Mr. Daddy-O

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SKU: d4409
Format: Download
Year: 1969
Color: B&W
Starring: Louis Waldon
Co-starring: Ilya Souvern
Other cast: William Countryman , Phillipa Reed, Jean Carrol, Mitch Drake, James Vincent
Directed by: Ron Wertheim

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