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Downloads from the Vault Vol. 19

Sure, a lot of truly twisted movies have been made and a lot of truly twisted filmmakers specialized in cranking out the sick stuff, but MICHAEL FINDLAY was in a place all his own. While the shock value of many a so-called 'roughie' from the 1960's has diminished to the point of seeming silly today, Findlay's films continue to appall with their unrelenting perversity and sheer, malignant misogyny. In fact, in today's Politically Correct climate, they are even more corrosive and vile than they first seemed way back when. Like, for instance, The Ultimate Degenerate, his last great Sixties Sickie.

Findlay (who acts under the name 'Robert Wuest' and directs as 'Julian Marsh' -- the name of the driven director Warner Baxter plays in the classic 1933 42nd Street) is Spencer, a 'more than a little eccentric' crippled psycho in a wheel-chair who loves lesbians, whipped cream, and feet: 'I think the smell of feet get him excited.' He also fills his Vermont home with naked women who perform strange sex shows in the basement theater (and atop his dining room table) after he injects them with an aphrodisiac that gets them 'tuned-up for love.' Said shows include the spectacle of a girl and a corn cob, then two girls and a bunch of corn cobs.

Hired for a three-week gig is Maria (Findlay veteran UTA ERICKSON, who also stars in The Kiss of Her Flesh), a cheerful exhibitionist and inexhaustible lesbian, who answers Spencer's ad in 'The New York Review of Sex' and is soon making it with virtually every gal in Spencer's employ: 'All I see around here is broads chewing on each other!' Although Maria's voice-over describes Spencer's home as 'a cesspool far worse than anything,' one gets the distinct impression that Maria might very well like to spend the rest of her life gnawing away at the other easily-accessible women in Spencer's employ. (This could have also been titled 'The Ultimate Lesbian.')

But Spencer, like this movie, is 'on the verge of insanity,' and soon goes Too Far by tying up naked little Conchita, attacking her nipples with a clothespin, and electrocuting her. This does not go over well with Bruno, the... uh, talent coordinator, and out of all the possible ways in the world to stop Spencer, Bruno chooses to switch Maria's aphrodisiac with a drug that makes her both paranoid and a tad homicidal. It works. Hallucinating that the other girls are being killed by a couple in gas masks (a truly bizarre sequence), Maria freaks and attacks Spencer with a barbecue fork...

All this and a surprise ending.
Photographed and co-produced by ROBERTA FINDLAY ('Anna Riva'), Michael's wife and occasional actress, this is exactly what you'd expect from the maker of Satan's Bed, Take Me Naked, The Touch of Her Flesh, and A Thousand Pleasures. To those of us who love to wallow in the ugly underbelly of sexploitation, Michael Findlay was The Ultimate Degenerate.

From a 35mm ultra-perverted print. -- Frank Henenlotter

Trailer views: 1906
SKU: d4519
Format: Download
Year: 1969
Color: B&W
Starring: Michael Findlay
Co-starring: Leo Heinz
Other cast: Uta Erickson, Donna Stone, Janet Banzet
Directed by: Michael Findlay (“Julian Marsh”)

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