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FORBIDDEN - Download

In the grand Barnum & Bailey-style tradition of balderdash and baloney, sham, subterfuge, fabrication, falsification, fraud, fiction, and flat-out lying, producer BOB CRESSE and director R. LEE FROST happily present The Forbidden -- another hilariously cynical mondo-nudie from the men who made Hollywood's World of Flesh, Mondo Freudo, and Mondo Bizarro. Full of 'private clubs,' 'hidden cameras,' and obnoxious narration written by Bob, there isn't a believable moment in the whole thing which, somehow, makes it all that much more outrageously perverse and enjoyable. After all, there's nothing quite like wallowing in the moral indignation of fictional depravity. For instance....

Two sexy gals remove their clothes and get ready for the night when a rapist suddenly bursts into their home and attacks them. The rapist strangles one of the horrified young ladies, but the other one stabs him in the forehead with a knife. But -- surprise! -- though it looks just like a film by Cresse and Frost, it's really a commercial for a karate school! Yup, that's what it is, alright!

A 'portable topless bar' follows 'space projects and construction sites' in the American southwest and quickly disappears when the night is over. It's the brainchild of one 'George Rodman' who just happens to look exactly like Bob Cresse. Following the 'floating club' are 'whorish women' who drug and rob their clientele which we see them do to one poor guy who also happens to look exactly like Bob Cresse....

Two women are initiated into 'private lesbian club' in Switzerland by performing girl-girl love in front of the other members, and guess what? 'For the first time in the history of the Twilight World of the Sexual Deviate, a motion picture company was given permission to film this perverted ritual!' Ain't we lucky!

There are also 'reenactments' of 'one of the most macabre cases of jealousy in the annals of modern criminology,' and another illustrating 'one of the most fantastic murder-for-love cases in French history.'

Plus: Teenagers riot on Sunset Strip; a 'mermaid' stripper performs in Brussels; we go backstage at a London nightclub that showcases only 'authentic virgin strippers'; we visit a skid-row 'stripper school' where housewives whose marriages are in trouble learn how to bump and grind; and a Nazi stripper performs in East Germany!

Most sources claim that the bulk of The Forbidden is from a French film with additional scenes supplied by Cresse and Frost. Well... maybe, maybe not. Does anyone know anything about that French film? The title, for instance? Or who director 'BENJAMIN ANDREWS' is? Besides, it actually looks the other way around -- that the bulk of The Forbidden was done by Cresse and Frost and only a few scenes (most obviously the two 'reenactments') were taken from a European film.

Whatever. Just remember that 'to many, it's a Forbidden World! But to a chosen selected few, the world might seem to be an island of pleasure!'
From a 35mm print 'exposed by the Cameras of Olympic International!' -- Dribblejuice

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SKU: d5178
Format: Download
Year: 1966
Color: Color
Starring: Bob Cresse
Directed by: R L Frost , Benjamin Andrews

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