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Join Dominique (GERRI MILLER) and galpals Roberta (LINDA BOYCE), Helga, and Maxine (JACKIE RICHARDS) for 'a special meeting' of the Daughters of Lesbos, 'a lesbian organization dedicated to the proposition that women are superior beings.' As the women sit around an elegant dinner table casually chatting and ogling an odd looking knife in the center of the table, Roberta thinks back on how she got there....

Roberta used to date men -- until she was picked up at a bar by a creepy greaseball whom she planned on rejecting: 'Men are so easily destroyed!' But -- oops! -- back at the guy's hotel, the stinker spikes her drink with knockout drops and spanish fly. As she lies writhing on a couch, the fat bastard removes her clothes and climbs atop her: 'It was rape! Pure and simple rape....'

Blonde little Helga remembers being a virgin working as a counselor in a girl's camp -- until sexy UTA ERICKSON puts the whammy on her and the two do it in the middle of the woods: 'No man could surpass the wild pleasures that she was experiencing....'

Cigar-smoking Maxine, 'a female stud, always the aggressor, forever the Butch,' talks about picking up a hippie hitchhiker ('a strange wild sex kitten') whom she promptly 'initiates into the Rites of Lesbos' before sharing her with the others....

And Dominique, 'the strangest member of the group' (with a pussycat head on the crotch of her panties!) goes to bed thinking about a recent conquest, when a maintenance worker sneaks in her bedroom window and attacks her....

The meeting then ends the way secret lesbian meetings of the Sixties always ended -- with some poor guy getting castrated! Yup, the guy that attacked Dominique is tied up naked in the back and, armed with that odd-little knife, Dominique performs some quick and nasty surgery on him. Yow....

Released by New York indie Chancellor Films and advertised as both Dominique in Daughters of Lesbos and simply Dominique, this is something of a skinflick anomaly. Unlike most sexploitation films, which were fuelled by masculine sex fantasies and celebrated male dominance, Daughters of Lesbos actually dares to suggest that women really don't need men, thank you very much. And, of course, it's easy to imagine a grindhouse audience of frustrated middle-aged men squirming in their seats during the last scene. We've always wondered who director 'Bob Woodcock' was, and the IMDB now says that Mr. 'Woodcock' is actually none other than ROBERTA FINDLAY. Which makes a lot of sense since Daughters of Lesbos has a rather 'Findlay-esque' feel to it. If correct -- and one can never be too sure with the IMDB -- this and its companion feature, Babette in The Return of the Secret Society, are probably the earliest two films Miss Findlay directed. She would eventually helm such gems as Altar of Lust, Clamdigger's Daughter, Snuff, and Tenement, as well as about two dozen hardcore pornos and even some schlock horror. We love ya, Roberta!

From a 35mm girl-on-girl print. -- Frank Henenlotter

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SKU: d5527
Format: Download
Year: 1967
Color: B&W
Starring: Gerri Miller
Co-starring: Linda Boyce
Other cast: Jackie Richards, Uta Erickson
Directed by: Roberta Findlay (“Peter Woodcock”)

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