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Nymphs Anonymous is as weird and wacky as a sexploitation movie could possibly get! Kooky dialogue punctuates the exploits and perversions of some horny housewives who belong to a Federation of self-proclaimed nymphomaniacs, overseen by the sultry Doreen. This special club offers non-stop sexual satisfaction to women with extraordinary appetites and demands.

Luscious Linda joins the group when her husband, Stan, is unable to keep up with her voracious libido. While he's at work, she throws herself at the landlord, a vacuum cleaner salesman, and her psychiatrist. When none of them are willing to scratch her itch, Linda begs Doreen to send over the Emergency Stud Squad who are more than happy to fill the bill. However, Stan comes home early, walks in on them in the very act, but is promptly knocked unconscious by the two men.

Upon waking up, Stan decides to exterminate all the guys who work for the Federation. He spies on their compound in the Hollywood Hills, and watches as a parade of gorgeous gals march in to get their peculiar needs met. When Linda shows up there, Stan (who's hiding in the hills) takes aim and shoots the guys with a rifle. She freaks and calls in her psychiatrist, but by the time he arrives, the dead bodies have disappeared....

Stan goes down to the house to check things out and is mistaken for one of the boy toys by a pretty gal, who then begs him to assault her. He rises to the occasion while Linda gleefully observes through a window. Since Stan is now the only man on the premises (and Doreen has threatened to tell the police he's the killer if he doesn't do what she says), Stan is left to service all the wanton women who proposition him with their bizarre requests (including big-bust queen MICHELLE ANGELO).

Unable to cope with his wife's insatiable desires, Stan threatens to shoot her -- while wearing a goofy monster mask! Calmly, she requests, 'You could do me a big favor before I die. Rape me before you kill me! All sex murderers do that!' To which he replies, 'I'm no sex murderer! I'm your husband!'


Gals keep showing up for kinky sex, dead bodies get moved around and around, the police get involved, and Stan reaches his wit's end. Even the undertakers are called in! Obviously, this can't end well....

Directed by sexploitation master MANUEL S. CONDE (Evil Come Evil Go, Deep Jaws) and produced by J. VAN HEARN (Love Me Like I Do), Nymphs Anonymous runs much longer than the average adults-only flick, and delivers a heaping helping of black humor and sick sex scenes -- just the way we like it!

From a 35mm man-hungry print. -- Lisa Petrucci

Trailer views: 4034
SKU: d5976
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: B&W
Starring: Michele Angelo
Co-starring: Barbara Dooley
Other cast: Nancy O'malley
Directed by: Manuel Conde

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