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"All you pigs are the same, just like my wife Claaaaaaudia was," says Richard Jennings as he fondles the breasts of an unconscious woman whom he's just bonked on the head with a tire iron.
"They're all like that. Filthy, dirty, slimy creatures using their femininity to attract the unsuspecting victim. I do a service to all mankind with each Jezebel I kill!"
He then attacks the woman's breasts with a lobster claw (that's right a lobster claw) before attaching wires to her earrings and electrocuting her: "Something to make you more electrifying to men!"

Yes boys, and girls, it The Kiss Of Her Flesh, the third (and once "lost") final installment in the "Flesh" trilogy (Following The Touch of Her Flesh and The Curse Of Her Flesh) which, no surprise, is another outrageously hideous masterpiece from director MICHAEL FINDLAY ("Julian Marsh"), Mr. Misogynist himself.

Hearing about the death of the above gal, Maria (UTA ERICKSON, the blonde who stars in The Ultimate Degenerate and, like most of the Findlay stock players, hides behind a pseudonym which changes from film to film) assumes Jennings is the killer and decides to both protect her sister, Dora, and kill Jennings herself...but not before she pulls a string of rubber balls out of her boyfriend's butt. After the two sisters celebrate their reunion with some incestuous lesbian lust ("Maria, you're the expert!"), Jennings shows up disguised as "Dr. Esubam." ("Diabolical madman" Jennings, of course, is once again played by Findlay under the name "Robert West.") Jennings plays doctor with Dora's sick-in-bed girlfriend, Mona (JANER BANZET), while Dora peeps at them and gets so worked up that she goes down on the fake doc and promptly gets a tummy ache, leading Jennings to utter the immortal lines, "My poison seamen should take care of you well enough. So long, sucker!"

A man with a mission ("I'll kill every last woman on earth if I have to!"), Jennings gives another gal a deadly douche, then finds time to roast a hitchhiker with a Bernz-O-Matic blowtorch: "Burn, slut, burn, symbol of women!" But he doesn't reckon on the wrath of Maria and is soon doing a King Kong up a radio tower...

God almighty...Aided and abetted by wife ROBERTA FINDLAY ("Anna Riva"), who photographed, co-wrote, and co-produced, The Kiss of Her Flesh is so sick, you'll probably needs shots. Of course, nothing in the "Flesh" trilogy equals the horror of Michael Findlay's real-life demise. En route to the Cannes Film Festival to promote a 3D system he developed ("Super Touch 3-D," which was used to film the hardcore porno Funk in 3-D and two Chinese martial arts epics, Dynasty and 13 Nuns), Findlay was decapitated in a freak helicopter accident atop New York's Pan Am building on May 16, 1977. And, no, the pilot was not a woman.
From the original 35mm kiss-an-kill negative. --Frank Henenlotter

Trailer views: 3313
SKU: d6330
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: B&W
Starring: Michael Findlay ("Robert West")
Co-starring: Uta Erickson
Other cast: Janet Banzet , Diane Stein
Directed by: Michael Findlay ("Julian Marsh")

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