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      Fasten your seat belts, folks, this one's out of control! Psycho cat Virginia can't join her brother on safari since she's in the middle of going mad: "I'll just have to have nervous breakdowns with better timing." So she invites three people -- junkie Buddy, actor Charles Freeman, and "The Champ" (boxing legend JAKE LA MOTTA!) -- to her trophy room and makes them an offer: "I'll give either, any, or all of you one hundred thousand dollars if you can stay alive in Manhattan for 24 hours!"
     Since each of them has previously gotten away with murder, Virgina takes a cue from The Most Dangerous Game and announces she's "willing to pay for the privilege of being the public executioner. It'll be a game! I'm going to hunt you down. Then I shall kill you." Which is exactly what she does.
     Armed with a trusty crossbow, Miss Psycho Cat gleefully hunts down her victims, at one point even turning Central Park into a scene from The Naked Prey.
     But Jake La Motta, the Raging Bull himself, gets it best. After two toreador pics are plunged into his back (to get him good and mad), Ms. Cat then attacks him while dressed as a bullfighter (!) in an intense, wonderfully bizarre, wide-angle death scene that must be seen to be believed. (And wouldn't you have loved seeing De Niro recreate this magic moment?)
     But why, you ask, is wacky, cackling, crazy-faced Virginia such a "psycho cat?" Simple. When she was a little girl, her brother threw her pet doggie off a roof...
      Another instant classick. Confessions of a Psycho Cat must've had an interesting production history. The film lists the director as "Eve." The pressbook credits HERB STANLEY. Apparently shot as a straight horror film, the nude scenes look like they were added a year or two later. La Motta even has a strange scene where he's arguing with a topless hooker who obviously isn't really in the same room with him! A.k.a. The Three Loves of a Psycho Cat, it's incredible, lunatic discoveries like this that keep us digging through the past.
From the original 35mm deeply psychotic negative. -- Frank Henenlotter

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SKU: d6480
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: B&W
Starring: Jake La Motta
Co-starring: Arlene Lorrance
Other cast: Frank Geraci
Directed by: Herb Stanley

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