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Here's a bottom-of-the-barrel blend of Doris Wishman and Michael Findlay that is recommended to people who think they've seen everything.
Where do I start? Molestation, Fornication, Masturbation, Urination.... It's hard to label what goes on here as sex. Germ Warfare would be a better term.

Fluctuations is the creation of JOEL LANDWEHR ('Leo J. Rhewdnal'), the same madman who made In Hot Blood (1968), and was released by STAN BORDEN's American Film Distributing Corp., home of such gutter-level classics as All Women Are Bad, She Came on the Bus, and The Touch of Her Flesh. It's not so much a film as a collage of lunatic images.

A woman reads a book entitled A History of Orgies. Another shaggy starlet flips through Voyeur. What follows is either their masturbatory fantasies, past experiences, or Mike Vraney's home movies. Beats me. Pick one.

Heavy breathing and panting cries of 'Stuff me! Stuff me!' fill the soundtrack as strange things begin unfolding. Three nude men are ordered on their knees by a dominatrix who whips them with her long hair. (Words can't begin to describe how stupid this looks.)

A woman removes a man's skeevy shirt, takes a deep whiff of it, and smiles in satisfaction.... A stripper disrobes with all the emotion of someone wiping their ass on a toilet seat.... A girl is abducted off a New York street by a bisexual broad and her male lover. They slap a dog chain around her neck, then she's forced to suck her abductor's hair toes....

But what really makes you think you've taken leave of your senses is that all the sex scenes are intercut with two grunting slobs having a karate battle in someone's apartment! They smack themselves silly and emit a series of kung-fu yelps that sound like someone trying to pass a kidney stone.

Hold it! There's more madness to come. When the boffing isn't interrupted by Bruce Lee and company, we are treated to insane, overdubbed dialogue from a perverted couple. Their bedroom banter approaches the surreal. They argue over things like whether she would stick a cigarette up her ass: 'It's okay. It's mentholated.' He also romantically asks if he can use her mouth as a toilet. 'No thanks,' she casually answers, as if refusing a stick of gum.

Then it turns into Wrestlemania with a Battle-of-the-Sexes bout. A squirrelly sex kitten gets tossed around and pinned. Nostrils flaring, she's so turned on that she takes a bath with her opponent. Fluctuations ends with his wrinkled pecker swaying in the bathwater like a dead carp.

What drugs were the filmmakers on? And where can I get some?
Heavy-duty derangement from the original 35mm don't-even-try-to-make-sense of-it negative. -- Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

Trailer views: 7305
SKU: d6487
Format: Download
Year: 1969
Color: B&W
Starring: Sherry Martin
Co-starring: Carla Pompeii
Other cast: Mary Drydock , Kim LeWise
Directed by: Joel Landwehr (“Leo J. Rhewdnal”)

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