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"Let's have no discussion of violence aboard the vessel," says love-child-turned-thug Daisy (JEREMY SLATE) to a Cuban drug smuggler moments before Daisy gets him high, and then shoots him in the gut with a spear gun. This happens in the first few minutes of The Hooked Generation and effortlessly sets the tone for what follows as director WILLIAM GREFE - the man who previously let a mutant jellyfish man (Sting of Death, '66) and an Indian mummy (Death Curse of Tartu, '67) loose in the Honda Everglades here tosses three drug-crazed criminals into the swamp, resulting in a gritty late-Sixties time capsule of homicide, hypodermics, and hippies gone bad.

Daisy, Acid (JOHN DAVIS CHANDLER), and Dum-Dum (light-heavyweight boxing champ WILLIE PASTRANO) want to be big-time drug dealers but, unfortunately, have the collective I.Q. of a pack of rolling pa pen. They're sort of like what Moe, Larry, and Curly might have been like if The Three Stooges were junkies. After slaughtering a bunch of Cubans and stealing their drugs, they're confronted by the Coast Guard who board their boat for inspection. Though Moe...uh, rather, Daisy drops the drugs overboard in a barrel, Larry...I mean, Acid goes nuts, while Curly...make that Dum-Dum, kills everyone. Making the scene especially memorable is that right in the middle of all the violence as guns are firing and the Coast Guard is getting cut down an oblivious Acid lies sprawled atop the boat, desperately trying to shoot up. It is truly one of the most grotesque bits of comic relief in all of American cinema.

The three also make hostages out of do-gooders, Mark (STEVE ALAIMO) and his girlfriend Kelly (CECE STONE), who bumble onto the scene. Mark is used basically as a punching bag, while Kelly, in a bathing suit, provides eye candy. She also does a go-go in another of Grefe's patented stop-the-movie-and-watch-the-girl-dance scenes. But when the gang learns that the drugs are too hot to sell, they go scurrying further into the Everglades as the FBI closes in. Highlights include them stopping off at a Seminole Indian village where Acid drowns a pretty maiden then gets passionate with her corpse, and at a house full of hippies where it seems the whole world is on some kind of trip...

A.k.a. Alligator Alley, it ain't pretty. Aiding Mr.Grefe behind the scenes are a number of folks indigenous to sixties Florida filmmaking including musician CHRIS MARTELL (who played the scalping imbecile in Herschell Gordon Lewis' The Gruesome Twosome, '68), gaffer THOMAS CASEY (who went on to direct the berserk Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things, 71), and best boy WILLIAM KERWIN, who also plays one of the FBI agents (and, of course, starred in numerous exploitation classics for H.G. Lewis and his brother, Harry Kerwin).

From a 35mm swamp-and-syringe print.
Handsome Harry Archer

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SKU: d7709
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: Color
Starring: Jeremy Slate
Co-starring: Steve Alaimo
Other cast: John Davis Chandler, Cece Stone, Willie Pastrano
Directed by: William Grefe

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