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"How Really Wild the Wild West Was!" Reach for yer gun, pardner, because Brand of Shame is an adult western that deviously delivers on both counts. Producer DAVID F. FRIEDMAN, that Mighty Mogul of the Midway and the man behind The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill and The Defilers once again conducts a history class in the timeless appeal of yesterday’s nudes.

MARSHA JORDAN (Lady Godiva Rides), that cockeyed queen of the upscale nudie film (and billed here as "Vanessa Van Dyke"), is the muff-munchin’ madam of Boone City’s beloved cathouse. She’s out to seduce virginal schoolmarm Rachel Clark, who’d rather find her late father’s goldmine.

But local outlaw Craig Benson (Space Thing’s STEVE VINCENT) plots to steal the goldmine and hand Rachel over to George and Red, his homely but very horny henchmen. Who can save her? Could it be dashing lawyer/gunslinger Steve Turner? Or will the distracting Delilah, Benson’s chippie confidante, turn tumescent with her torrid torso?

Directed by BYRON MABE (as "B. Ron Elliott"), who also helmed other Friedman productions such as The Head Mistress, The Acid Eaters, and The Lustful Turk. With cowboy action, humor, convincing western sets, one of Friedman’s trademark whipping scenes, Friedman himself in a stagecoach drivin’ cameo, and -- of course -- beautiful naked women (yes, that’s SAMANTHA SCOTT from Russ Meyer movies!), this li’l doggie’s got it all.

When the corsets start popping and the bloomers are dropping, you’ll be flipping and flopping! So grab your saddle, grit your teeth, and submit to the Brand of Shame.

From the shameless 35mm "Consummated-in-Color" negative.

-- Charles Kilgore, ecco

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SKU: d4055
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: Color
Starring: Marsha Jordan
Co-starring: Steve Vincent
Other cast: Samantha Scott
Directed by: Byron Mabe (B. Ron Elliott)

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