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     Though the average person generally assumes Deep Throat was the first theatrically-released porno, that honor actually belongs to Mona, aka Mona The Virgin Nymph, released two years earlier. True, there were such precedents as the clinically explicit white-coater Man and Wife in 1969, as well as Alex de Renzy’s 1970 breakthrough documentary Pornography in Denmark. And since there were plenty of undocumented 16mm sex-film obscurities that flirted with hardcore – made primarily for those ubiquitous storefront theaters – we can only assume that some of them must’ve had scenes that crossed the line, though none of them had any impact on the public and almost all have been forgotten by time. But Mona was different. Mona gained instant notoriety as the first nationally-released (by Sherpix) 35mm feature film to play actual movie theaters that was pure, unapologetic, 100% porn.
      It’s also perversely funny. Saving herself for marriage, virgin Mona (FIFI WATSON) refuses to have intercourse with Tim, her fiancée: “I promised my mother I’d be a virgin when I get married!” She is, however, more than willing to “do that other thing” and cheerfully munches his member right out in the middle of a picnic ground surrounded by sunshine and chirping birdies.
      Liking it, Mona quickly becomes a nympho virgin by slurping, swallowing, gulping, and gobbling her way through the rest of the day. She starts by slobbering the stalk of a guy in an alley: “I have a taste for these things!” In the afternoon, she eats the box lunch of a blonde hooker. For dinner, she chows down on a young man in the aisle seat of a movie theater.
      Meanwhile, her prim, proper, and extremely horny mother (JUDY ANGEL) becomes a finger-furious masturbation machine (complete with truly scary closeups) after opening the pages of a dirty novel, before making it with Tim: “You remind me so much of Mona’s father!” But when Tim discovers Mona flagrante delicto at the movie theater, he freaks, ties the suck-happy slut to a bed, and invites her recent conquests over to participate in an all-out, old-fashioned, down-and-dirty triple-XXX orgy….
      Yup, Mona’s a genuine porno classic alright. As Variety summed it up, Mona was “the long-awaited link between the stag loops and conventional theatrical fare.” Producer BILL OSCO and director HOWARD ZIEHM followed Mona with Harlot (1971) before making the cult hit Flesh Gordon (1974). Osco went on to produce the X-rated Alice in Wonderland (1976), as well as more mainstream films like Night Patrol (1984) and Blood Diner (1987). (He also starred alongside Jason Williams in the nasty 1973 crime thriller Cop Killers.)
          But the big news here is how Mona looks. Shot in 16mm and blown up to 35mm, Something Weird has finally removed decades of crud by digitally remastering it from the original 35mm negative (!!!). Yeah, she’s still a sex fiend alright, but the old girl’s never looked this good. -- Handsome Harry Archer

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SKU: d5082
Format: Download
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Fifi
Co-starring: Judy Angel
Other cast: Bill Osco

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