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Never in my life have I felt so clean, so natural, so alive! And you will too after watching Daughter of the Sun, one of HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS and DAVID F. FRIEDMANís early sixties nudist camp flicks, shot at the Spartan Tropical Gardens in Miami, Florida.

Lovely schoolteacher Pamela Walker (stunningly gorgeous RUSTY ALLEN who was billed in the ads as The Most Beautiful Girl in the World!) is called in by the school board when they discover a naked picture of her in Nudist Life magazine. Miss Walker proceeds to defend herself by saying that the sun is a source of happiness and an escape from immorality. Some of the board members are convinced, but others just think sheís a shameless hussy. Lawyer Keith Lawrence (The Defilerís   JEROME EDEN in his first appearance in a Lewis/Friedman film) wants to know more about nudism before deciding and accompanies Pamela on her next visit to the nature camp.

They are greeted at the gate by the hunky camp director and go their separate ways to disrobe. Pamela leisurely undresses nudie cutie-style, and they meet up again in the buff to enjoy all that nudism has to offer. Surprisingly, most of the members are actually somewhat attractive. Unclothed activities abound: naked weight lifting, naked swimming, naked volleyball, and of course, naked lounging around soaking up the rays. Keith is immediately sold on the many benefits of being a sun worshipper, as well as realizing that Pamela is the kind of girl heís always wanted to find.

At the next meeting, the school board is still divided: "Itís an abhorrent thought that a member of one of these sex cults is teaching the children of this fair city! Who knows what these little minds have been taught in class! Itís sinful! Downright sinful!" But when Keith tells them heís seen firsthand what wholesome lives the nudists lead and reminds them that the human body is God-made, they too see the light. Keith and Pamela are free to frolic like a modern day Adam and Eve while remaining respectable pillars of the community. Hooray!

In a wonderful exploitation gimmick, Daughter of the Sunís nudist-camp scenes were shot in Eastman color, while the non-naked scenes were filmed in good olí black & white.

From an "Eye-Filling" sun-stroked 35mm print.
-- Nancy Nudenik

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SKU: d4975
Format: Download
Year: 1962
Color: Color and B&W
Starring: Rusty Allen
Co-starring: Jerome Eden
Other cast: Michael Borgine, Pearl Krohn
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis ("Lewis H. Gordon")

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