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“Where am I? Who am I? Why am I dressed like this? They have done something to me,” thinks poor dumb blonde Sally (Miss CHARLOTTE RUSSE, star of The Love Captive), “the straightest girl going,” as she writhes in a pile of artificial snow before muscleman SHEP WILD (of Joe Marzano’s Venus in Furs) tears off her clothes (“Don’t take my clothes off! No man has ever seen me naked!”), leaps upon her virgin body, and grinds atop her as the two quickly disappear in a fake blizzard. Which is the very surreal opening to Fly Now Pay Later, a kinky shot-in-Greenwich-Village sexploitation film involving drugs, white slavery, sadistic Arabs, an Evil Lesbian, a surprisingly bloody murder... and stewardesses.

In fact, Sally herself is a stewardess who is kidnapped by the owner of a middle-eastern shop, drugged and dumped in a packing crate, and shipped “to Morocco.” Awakening in a rug-covered basement, Sally finds herself among three other stewardesses “who disappeared off the face of the earth in less than two months.” Worse, the women are turned into sex slaves after given a “new drug” called “kelp” --named perhaps after Jerry Lewis’ character in The Nutty Professor?! -- which “blows your mind to pieces.” Sally’s mind-blowing immediately begins when the Evil Lesbian makes Sally her very own Sister of Sappho.

Meanwhile, Arab ALEX MANN shows up to make it with stewardess GERRI MILLER, who is then told to whip a happy bald masochist. Another stewardess is shackled to a wall as an Arab sadist gleefully slices her belly with a dagger: “I will get no pleasure unless she screams!”

But when Sally’s roommate Joan (CHERIE WINTERS) finds Sally’s address book, she does a little snooping on her own, enters that same middle-eastern shop and, yes indeed, is dumped in a packing crate, and ends up joining the other stewardesses: “Welcome to Morocco!” All of which climaxes with a nasty murder when one of the leading ladies gets her stomach ripped open by a broken bottle....

We’d love to know more about the director billed here as B.H. DIAL but he, like most of the cast, is hiding behind a pseudonym -- including “Myron Mogul,” “Herman Q. Muscleman,” and “A. Pismo Clamm” -- which is a shame since Fly Now Pay Later is a crude little nugget that, while no classic, is still witty sick fun that delivers the goods before going for the gore. We’re also not sure who SIMONE RENARD is or what else she’s done, but she captures the mood perfectly as the larger-than-life Evil Lesbian -- half Olga, half dragon-lady -- who reads her lines with all the camp sensibilities of an eyeball-rolling drag queen.

But remember, kids: “Not all the people in this lousy world are decent. There are too many like these monsters -- psychopaths -- who can’t feel, can’t love, but hurt and kill!” You betcha.
From a 35mm “It’s-so-evil!” print. -- Dribblejuice

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SKU: d4156
Format: Download
Year: 1969
Color: B&W
Starring: Charlotte Russe
Co-starring: Cheri Winters
Other cast: George Wilson, Gerri Miller, Alex Mann
Directed by: B.H. Dial

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