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Dave Friedman once described fellow producer BOB CRESSE as “a closet Nazi.” True to that assessment, Cresse -- usually in collaboration with director / then-partner R. LEE FROST -- made some of the nastiest, most mean-spirited roughies of the sixties, like The Animal, The Scavengers, Love Camp 7, and especially Hot Spur, a sadistic dirty western where “the only things cheaper than lives were the women!”

Carlo (JOSEPH MASCOLO), a brooding young man who suffers from rape-filled flashbacks, takes a job as a stable hand at the O’Hare Ranch where everyone but JOHN ALDERMAN (the film’s sole decent character) treats him like shit just because he’s Mexican. Even Mrs. O’Hare (VIRGINIA GORDON), a hot-to-trot blonde with a “high and mighty attitude” who seductively rides around in her tight white cowbitch outfit, doesn’t want any “Mexican kids” handling her horse.

At night, the ranch’s bunkhouse is filled with sweaty, horny cowboys and naked, sex-charged cowwhores who turn drunken revelry into one big wild west orgy in which one of the talented women sits in a saddle atop a cowpoke and “rides him” while he, in turn, humps away at another girl. This is also the closest Hot Spur comes to a normal, tender, romantic love scene.

But Carlo isn’t really there to work. He’s there to abduct Mrs. O’Hare. Interrupting Mrs. O’Hare’s morning ride, Carlo rudely and roughly beats her up, ties her up (“I’m... sorry...”), and takes her to an abandoned, cobweb-filled mining shack. Why? Because, as a child, he was forced to watch the vicious, brutal rape of his older sister by a group of men led by Mrs. O’Hare’s devoted hubby, Jason (JAMES ARENA): “You like to watch your sister, boy?” Though Mrs. O’Hare frantically babbles that she and her husband really do love Mexicans, the hate-filled Carlo pays Jason back by raping his wife. He then ropes her up naked and waits for Jason and his men to come and get her (“This Mex kid’s crazy as hell!”) while dividing his time between whipping her bloody and picking off the rescuers one by one...

Obviously, there is no God. With its gleeful misogyny, sexual violence, and cruel twist ending, Hot Spur is, simply put, an all-out assault on humanity. You can almost hear Cresse cackling.

From a 35mm “The-West-at-Its-Rawest!” print in English with occasional Swedish subtitles: “Har du lyst til at skyde dig nu?” -- Prince Pervo

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SKU: d4214
Format: Download
Year: 1968
Color: Color
Starring: James Arena
Co-starring: Joseph Mascolo
Other cast: Virginia Gordon, John Alderman, Wes Bishop
Directed by: R L Frost

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