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“I’ve been... I’ve been... living in Hell!” Ah, yes, there’s nothing quite as magical as seeing non-actors -- or here, a marvelous non-actress -- try to emote while barely being able to get the words out of their mouths. And it’s one of the main joys to be found in Hotter After Dark -- another glorious shot-in-Florida mix of sun and sleaze -- where the actresses were obviously hired for something other than their acting talent. In fact, the acting here is sooooo terrible... we wish there was more of it. “I think my husband’s become a sex maniac! He’s turned into some sort of monster,” Mrs. Nancy Starr tells private eye Mike Malone (though she thinks his first name is Max). She wants to hire Mike to get evidence of her husband’s cheating, but Mike’s too busy searching for a rapist. But when Nancy gives him an 8x10 glossy photo of her hubby (doesn’t every hubby have a headshot?), it rather hilariously matches a sketch of the rape suspect right down to the same tie and tilt of the head! Mike quickly takes the case and is soon hiding in the bedroom of Mr. Starr’s mistress ANDREA BARR (who can also be spotted in two H.G. Lewis Florida epics, Gruesome Twosome and Just for the Hell of It). Miss Barr is an expert moaner which she demonstrates by rolling around naked on a bed with Mr. Starr as Mike leans out of the closet snapping photos. Sure enough, though they’ve been doing this every day for the past five years, Mr. Starr chooses this particular moment to start strangling her.... Then a lanky gal named “Miss-Judy-for-the-time-being” hires Mike to be a bodyguard for “famous scientist” Dr. Bernstein who’s “in the process of inventing a device which will prolong human life up to 250 years.” The deal is for Mike to move in with them, protect the doc from foreign agents, and give stud-service to Judy (another expert moaner by the way). But though Mike checks the place for “hidden mics and strange devices,” he’s not only oblivious to Alice the maid really being a guy in drag, but actually starts making out with her. Him. Whatever.... Hotter After Dark is a skinflick pure and simple. It has nothing more on its mind than bare naked ladies, and offers just enough plot to connect the bare naked lady scenes without a single thought or idea getting in the way. Despite the title, the whole film seems to take place during the day. Fortunately, all that bright Florida sunshine doesn’t diminish the sordidness one little bit. It drives us crazy that there’s no producer or director credit attached to the film -- not on the print, not in the pressbook. However, we do know that the same unbilled director/unnamed producer next made I Am For Sale which also stars bubbly Andrea Barr... as well as Mike’s living room and bathroom, the cheesy Latin-flavored nightclub Mike and his secretary go to, and the same chubby exotic dancer who shakes her corpulent butt for them. On a more perverse note, the creepy little man who plays Dr. Bernstein here also returns in I Am For Sale to perform in a lengthy sex scene which we still wake up screaming from. From a 35mm quick-to-moan print. #4216 -- Handsome Harry Archer

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SKU: d4216
Format: Download
Year: 1967
Color: B&W
Starring: Andrea Barr
Co-starring: Gigi Martin
Other cast: Marcy Dome

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