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ZERO? Volume 0?!....Yeah, well, the thing is, way back when, Something Weird had limited access to an Incredible cache of vintage "Big-Time Wrestling" superstar shorts from the Fifties that formed the basis of our first amazing volume, Wrasslin’ She Babes Vol. 1. Unfortunately, we couldn’t grab all the films, and a bunch of good stuff was, reluctantly, left behind. 13 years and 17 volumes later, we finally have access to that very same collection again and are able to release all the shorts we didn’t use the first time around. In a perfect world, this would have been Volume 2. Instead, we’re linking It to Volume 1 by calling it Wrasslln’ She-Babes Vol. 0. Hey, think of this as a prequil....

Pro Fight #1: Bad brunette BETTY HAWKINS, "The Atlanta Peach," vs. blonde VIOLETVIAN from Kansas City, Missouri, who — Owww! Betty’s caught in the ropes and kicked in the butt before diving out of the ring, then — Hot doggie! — Hellaclous Hawkins locks Violet in a severe scissorshold between her legs! "Peach from Georgia? She’s like a wild boar In a peach orchard, that girl!"

Pro Fight #2: CLARA MORTENSEN — one of the featured wrestlin’ stars of the 1951 exploitation classic Pin-Down Girl — battles GORGEOUS LENZI while two dialect comics narrate the bout with Amos ’n’ Andy-style vocals. (Yeah, it’s racist, but this was the era of Ike Amos and Andy show.) "Oh, dem children Is really rough, ain’t dey?"

Pro Fight #3: Blonde CAROL COOK from Toledo, Ohio, takes on "Texas Cyclone" RUTH KELLY and — Hey! Watch that hair pulling!.. Carol’s kicked out of the ring and Ruth wont let her back In so — April fool! Carol sneaks around behind her — Pow! "Oh, that blonde’s a tornado when she gets started!"

Pro Fight #4: Barefoot LILY BITTER of Newark, NJ, gets down-and-dirty with "natural blonde" LARAINE JOHNSON of Redwing, Minnesota, as they — Oh, it’s back and forth between the New Jersey Girl and the "Blonde Dynamo" until — Whoa! "They’re like a bunch of sardines In a can, each one trying to go to the corner!"

Pro Fight #5: Blonde CORA COMBS of Nashville, Tennessee, takes to the mat with JUNE BEYERS of Houston, Texas, who starts things off with a hammerlock before — "Oh mother, mother, mother!" — June takes a ride over the top of the referee! Yup, they’re both "built solid, built to wrestle" and—Oh Nellie! "Never get a blonde mad, particularly a peroxide blonde....’

We then leave the work of professional women warriors and dive headlong into the world of amateur wrestling with some of our favorite fetish shorts..- Slam Bang Showdown features a glamour-girl-with-a-gun grappling with a brunette in a brassiere.... Blonde Battler has two gals fightin’ over a nightie....A pair of hellcats then duke It out on a couch and — oh, gee, there goes the lamp!... Shasta Rose and Betty Troy In Sinful Sisters are gals with exposed titties and giant pasties.... Rough Stuff starts with some very cruel hair combing.... Indian Style stars two lovelies getting ideas from the book The Story of Indian Wrestling (which, apparently, is entirely hand printed).... And finally, the best of the bunch: Captured by Amazons In which two Great White Huntresses are attacked by Glamazons In grass skirts! Yowsa!

— Watson "The Crusher" Pritchard

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Year: 1950s - 1960s
Color: Color and B&W

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