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Dragon Art Theatre Double Feature Vol 004_a : A PORTRAIT OF TWO WOMEN - Download

     Once upon a time, circa 1970, B.S. (Before Silicone), sex was actually free to be enjoyed without guilt, morality or fear of a life threatening illness. It was a time of bad haircuts, bell bottoms and blue eyeliner. It was also a time of sexual awakening.
      Both these films are shot documentary style, utilizing interviews with women expressing (and exploring) their sexuality via their work in hardcore films. (Donít worry, you animals. Thereís still enough ballistic balling to recommend the more excitable of you keep a box of Kleenex handy.)
     A Portrait of Two Women (directed by Richard Wilton) introduces us to starlets Joan J. and Sarah L. They donít play themselves but during a Q&A they tell us their true life experiences and what makes their panties drool.
     Joan, a raven-haired doll with high cheekbones and a luscious figure, discusses losing her virginity and lesbianism. Sarah, an earthy type with apple pie sensuality calls herself a "puritan" then masturbates on-camera.
      In hardcore fantasy scenes Joan plays a secretary who makes it with her black boss (whoís dressed like an extra from The Disco Godfather). She performs fellatio on his Tootsie Roll and then he plows her loins. Afterwards she moans that she needs a womanís love which leads to a steamy Sapphic encounter.
     Sarah L. plays "Laura", who goes to a beauty parlor where rubber-gloved hands shampoo her love box. This paves the way for some naked acrobatics with a guy/girl combo. This film was also released under the title Revelations. For some reason, tacked on to the end is a scene with a worn-out hooker and a John. She tells him she has had "over a thousand different men" (!) That doesnít stop him from going down on her shaved snatch. (Yikes!) She says, "Címon, I gotta catch a bus."
-Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d5773_a
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Joan J
Co-starring: Sarah L
Directed by: Richard Wilton

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