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Dragon Art Theatre Double Feature Vol 008_a : STOLEN GIRLS - Download

     The Dragon Art Theatre is full tonight. You shuffle inside, stumbling over the empty bottles, crumpled cigarette packages and wadded-up tissues. You find a seat in the darkness, surrounded by what appears to be an audience of prison escapees, migrant workers and guys who look like Ted Nugent. The screen flickers to life. Tonight’s double feature: Stolen Girls and Pleasure Cruise.
     Stolen Girls> comes out swinging. Women in prison. Caged like animals. Living only for the pleasure of their keepers. Poor Linda, Mary and Didi are jailmeat at a School for Wayward Girls. It begins with Linda, a full-figured blonde with freckled, milk-white skin being tortured by the fabulously ugly warden, Miss Jackson. She bites her nipple and uses Linda as an ashtray.
     Linda was imprisoned for stealing a car and running away with her boyfriend. They make love in a flashback. Her cellmates are Didi, a little sex kitten with a mouth like a truck driver, and the sadistic Mary, who has a tattoo on her ass that says, "Property of U.S.A."
      Mary screws Billy the gardener, who looks like Charles Manson. She blackmails him into getting Linda and Didi in trouble. This leads to a catfight. Both girls get kicked to the curb by their tougher opponent. Enter Miss Jackson, who has bad skin, tattoos and dresses in leather. Didi calls her "a goddamn diesel dyke!" Bad move. She punches little Didi in the face. "Nobody calls me a dyke!" she snarls. She forces the women to strip, leading to a clam slurping session.
     Mr. Taylor, a school official, tries to expose the warden’s evil ways. He interviews Didi and Mary. His idea of "reform" involves more nude hijinks. They all swap juices in a long scene. It ends with another catfight as all three gals pummel each other. Stolen Girls is relentlessly sleazy, starring people you’d cross the street to avoid.

SKU: d5777_a
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Judy Angel
Co-starring: John Holmes

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