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Dragon Art Theatre Double Feature Vol 009_a : UP IN FLAMES - Download

     Made in 1973, Up in Flames is a live-action underground comic. Itís a porn spoof starring the Freak Brothers and R. Crumbís Mr. Natural! Are you sitting down? Itís actually funny.
     Vinnie, Frank and Fat Freddie are "The Freak Brothers" - drug-soaked slobs who combined donít have the brain of a fish. They just live for kicks and chicks. But thereís trouble in paradise. Their curvaceous landlady, Dolores, is going to evict them from their garbage-strewn pad unless they can fork over the rent money. So they decide to get (gasp !) jobs.
      Their sexcapades include Frank posing as a painter, Vinnie giving Dolores a hole-stretching workout, and Freddie meeting the 82-year-old Mr. Natural, who runs a health food store. Heís dressed in a potato sack and wears a fake Santa Claus beard (which he removes for the sex scenes). Mr. Natural gives two hot-blooded sluts a hot humping and tells them, "Iím okay now. It was twenty years ago that my body was riddled with syphilis." Mr. Natural helps Freddie by giving him "Vita-Beans" (íThe aroma that drives women nuts!").
     The cast includes the fetching Kelly Mint who was in early hardcore romps like The Fur Trap (73) and Hot Honey (73), and John Seeman, a familiar face in the Jizz Biz, with more than 50 flicks under his scrote.
      In between dickings thereís lots of funny, improvised dialogue. The jokes fly almost as fast as the sputum. Itís like an episode of The Monkees, except with tender twats and stiff peckers. Up in Flames captures that groovy, mind-altering, psychedelic buzz of the late 60ís. Like Timothy Leary said: Tune in. Turn on. Jerk off.

SKU: d5778_a
Format: Download
Year: 1973
Color: Color
Starring: Kelly Mint
Co-starring: John Seeman

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