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Dragon Art Theatre Double Feature Vol 009_b : A STAR IS BORN - Download

     A Star is Born begins with a guy screaming like a woman and falling backwards off a chair. Grabbing his meatloaf, he shrieks, "She bit me!" His name is Sonny and heís "a little odd." His father, J.B. Goldstein is a cigar-puffing, old bastard with a voice like Henry Kissinger. Heís a riot! Twitchy, eyes popping out, he looks like he escaped from a cartoon. He wants his son to be a man. ("Iíll never be a man if these bitches are gonna bite my cock off.")
     J.B. hires Sam Cohen, a big sweaty animal who looks like the dark-haired guy from Starsky and Hutch. He promises to produce Samís next movie if he can get Sonny laid. Sam calls in Gina and Gloria. "These are girls," he tells Sonny, who replies, "Iím not dumb, Iím just homosexual." (!)
     Gina does a piss-your-pants hilarious dance routine, then undresses Sonny. (Watch my wallet! Itís got my favorite picture of Tab Hunter," he yells.) Gina and Gloria pull-out a strap-on, then lock labias. Sam gets horizontal with Gina as Sonny watches, limp as a sock. ("Try it, try it!" pleads his father.) After some very raw sex, the girls puff on Sonnyís flute, shove a vibrator up his ass and itís showtime. "Put it in! Put it in!" screams Dad. He finally puts the mule in the barn. "This is better than I expected," says Sonny.
--Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

SKU: d5778_b
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color

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