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Dragon Art Theatre Double Feature Vol 012_a : THE EXPERIMENT - Download

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     Feast your hot little hands on another hallucinogenic haze of psychedelic sex, free love orgies, hopped-up hippies and hot nymphs.
     First up is The Experiment (What "experiment"? Who titled this movie, Helen Keller?) Terry is a bubble-headed boob with hair that cascades down to the middle of her back. She wanders the landscape ready to press some flesh with anyone who strikes her fancy.
      In the park she meets a trio of swingers in need of a place to crash. They include two geeks who look like they belong on the bottom of the food chain and a chick with pigtails under her arms and one eyebrow that meets at the bridge of her nose. Before you can say, "Butt sweat," Terry has an uncircumsized pickle in her mouth.
     In the morning, Terry awakens then runs a brush through her bush. Then she masturbates with the handle. Back in the park she picks up a guy in a red sports car and a skinny broad named Debbie. She invites them back to her love pad. "Groovy," he says. He fires up a "love potion" and they smoke it. Soon his testicles are whistling Dixie.
     Terry and Debbie come to the conclusion they are just "free loving people". They prove it by pulling out a Godzilla-sized dildo as polka music plays.

SKU: d5781_a
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color

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