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Sexy Shocker Hardcore Horrors Vol 06_a: THE POSSESSION - Download

THE POSSESSION of their big house in the Hollywood Hills is giving Rose (HELEN MADIGAN) the creeps: "I keep hearing these strange noises!" But hubby Adam, a sleazy film producer, thinks sheís nuts ó "Itís in your mind, baby. There are no spooks or ghosts or anything like that!" ó and would rather concentrate on the morning news: "Hey! Three black dudes cut up another white dude last night. Cut him up and sliced his balls off!" After Adam leaves for work. Rose sun bathes in the backyard, plays with her hairy amusement park and, in a surprisingly bizarre scene, is suddenly invaded by an invisible lover. She bounces up and down, getting porked, railed, rammed, jammed, spiked, and skewered by a guy who... well... isnít there. Next day, when Rose is boffed a second time, itís by a black ghost named Jonathan who nails her as his busty, black girlfriend-ghost watches. (The sex is weirdly intercut between Rose and Jonathan, Jonathan and his girlfriend, and Rose all alone.) Finally, Rose looks into a mirror and asks, "Rose? What are you, Rose?" The black woman-ghost answers, "Iím inside of you. Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, I need you." Say, what? Then Rose screams. "Go get him!" and Adam hilariously freaks out on the bed like a little girl. While a wolf howls on the soundtrack, the girlfriend-ghost mounts Adam, Rose mounts Jonathan, and all three seem to do each other in this relentlessly weird, ultra-bizarre almost-porn.

SKU: d6285_a
Format: Download
Year: 1970s
Color: Color
Starring: Helen Madigan

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